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This is what I knew before joining Webheads.

         ?                                    ?
                 ?             ?               ?

Yes, this is me! Read my mind!
Dafne Gonzalez, another Webhead in the world.
Click on the question marks and read what I was thinking.

When I was asking myself all these questions, and with so many others flying around my head, I read a post to the ESP list about the EVOnline 2002 sessions, and after pondering which of the sessions I should take. I do not know why I decided on Webheads in Action. Maybe the word "action" set the trigger. Or perhaps the description of the session, which promised to engage participants in "forming and maintaining robust online communities". It also included the exploration of synchronous and asynchronous tools, so this was my choice.
My lucky choice!!!!!!   
My eternal thanks to Vance for making me feel welcome
and capable to pursue my objectives.
My thanks also to the other three girls of the friendly quartet:
Sus, Tere, and Rita.
My special gratefulness to Buthaina who has used, with her students, some of the material I have prepared. I feel honored :-)
And, of course, thanks to all those Webheads
who have encourage me with their comments, answers to my questions, friendship, and for those good moments we have shared in cyberspace!!