Webheads  in THE  Action!


What are the activities Webheads engage in when they are "in Action"?


How do we use web tools for learning?       A couple of examples:

Chats Web Pages Discussion Boards YG Distribution List


Webheads Opinions

Chats for:

Planning events Planning for Week 5 of the EVOnline2003 session
Sharing work done   Dafne presentating online unit at TI
Practicing e-moderation with students  Aiden's students with WiA's: What's in a name
Exploring web tools  Chat on blogs
Participating in online conferences:

As presenters  

As audience

Several Webheads at Networking 2002 conference, Australia.

EMerging ELearning Conference at HCT in Abu Dhabi - Vance Stevens   Sept. 8, 2002

Socializing A jam/chat session at YM/TI (Nov 10, 2002)


Web Pages for:

Reporting on web tools Report on Wimba Voice Direct
Posting Online lessons, modules, and courses Renata's, Teresa's & Buth.
Keeping and sharing links Teresa's WiA Index 
Publishing or announcing articles, books, theses by WiA's Many contributions
Celebrating social , cultural, and fun events Dafne meets Maria, Cooking with WiA's & Sus' Samba School.
Blogging Sus's Blog on Learning and Collaborating


Discussion Boards  for:

Discussing topics of interests Dafne's DB.
Exploring new  "toys" Team Blackboard


Yahoo Group Distribution List for:  ( Arlyn's Data Base)


 Webheads Opinions



"This CoP has been one of the best professional development opportunities of my entire career--thank you all for being so supportive and eager to work together!" 

                    (posted to the evonline2002_webheads YahooGroup list, Mar 29, 2003)



Dafne Gonzalez

April, 20, 2003.