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"Case study of a community of practice"
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
9:30 am to 11:15 am, (14:30-16:15 GMT)
Baltimore Convention Center Room 306
event number #4101 at the TESOL 2003 Convention,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dafne Gonzalez

Webcasting from Valencia, Spain

"Aspects of the quality of instruction utilizing computer mediated communication"

Both synchronous and asynchronous communication tools are preferred by the instructional designers to better serve their content to their participants on the web. However, the issue of quality in web-based instruction and the ways CMC tools are used in those settings are less discussed among practitioners.


  • What elements provide quality to e-instruction?

We will tell you what Webheads think about this issue, using the results from a survey completed during week 6 of our EVonline session.

               8 main aspects were found

  • How is WIA regarded in terms of e-quality?

 Webheads have also answered this question, and the results have been included in our Power Point presentation.

                     Look at the pie chart

Some of the questions discussed about "Quality in e-Learning"
  • What are the elements that provide quality to e-instruction?
  • Are these elements the same for f2f instruction?
  • What is the role of interaction in promoting quality in e-instruction?
  • How important/what is the role of the e-moderator?
  • How should we evaluate the quality of e-learning?
  • How does e-literacy affect the e-learning process?

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Dafne Gonzalez

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Event Date and Time:

April 15, 8 p.m.

Our Survey Results:

      Elements of e-Quality
      according to WIA

        Power Point Presentation

        Table with Survey Results

        Survey (Instrument)


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