Why Webheads?


  Professional Development!


What some Webheads say:


                     “Computers will not replace teachers,

                        but teachers who use computers will –inevitably-

                         replace teachers who do not”.  Claire Bradin

                                                   (Cited by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith (Technology in the Classroom, 1997).



“Teacher development is an exciting thing nowadays with     unprecedented possibilities. Arnold Mühren

                                                                                                        (personal communication)



What do we get out of it?


  • Interaction with experts and non-experts from all over the world.
  • Learning from and with others
  • Practice with tools, with social scaffolding :Zone of Proximal Development.
  • Construction of knowledge with reflection in and on action.
  • Collaborative and friendly atmosphere




Dafne Gonzalez

April, 20, 2003.