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Video-Chat Worksheet 2 - Video 42!  Complete and Submit!


Video-Chat Unit
Worksheet 2 - Video 42!

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1. The 2 pre-viewing exercises in this unit were designed to activate your previous knowledge and/or introduce new vocabulary.
Was this useful?

Yes, it helped me understand the video more easily.
No, the words presented are part of my active vocabulary.
I learned a few words, so it was somewhat useful.

2. The last exercise in this unit includes a grammar summary ("Introduction to the Present Perfect Tense").
Is this of any importance to you?

No, the distinction between this tense and the past is not really important.
Yes, it is relatively important to know and use the correct tense.
No, it was not important to me because I already know and use the Present Perfect.

3. Write 5 words you have heard in the video. Write one word per line.

4. Write 5 sentences you have heard in the video. Write one sentence per line.

5. The exercises for this video were...

Easier than the ones from last week.
More difficult than those.
Very useful.

6. In general terms, this video was.

More interesting than the first one.
Less interesting.

Explain your answer to the previous question.



Dafne      Mayo, 2003.