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Video Chat Unit

Second Class: Chatlog

Section 2b  Video 42

 May 7, 2003

Moderators:   Mike Marzio

This chatlog starts with the moderators (Susanne, Dafne and Mike) meeting the f2f professor (Carolina), trying to fix some technological problems and getting organized for the session with the students. Then, the students are invited to join the chat after they finish watching the video, and Mike starts the session, other group of students meet Sus and Dafne in another conference (Chatlog section 2a)

Yahoo! Messenger (14:02:37): susannenyrop has joined the conference.
susannenyrop (14:02:47): Did you also invite Daf?
mmmarzio (14:02:50): hi ho!
susannenyrop (14:02:52): yes!!!
susannenyrop (14:03:07): Now we're in YOUR conference room, MIke
dafne_gonzalez (14:03:16): hello
mmmarzio (14:03:19): hi
mmmarzio (14:03:32): Yes this is MY conf room!
dafne_gonzalez (14:03:34): :hugs Sus
dafne_gonzalez (14:03:48): so, then I will call the students to another
susannenyrop (14:03:51): Daf - on my Friends list, you appear SO grey and dull
dafne_gonzalez (14:04:01): and you will stay here, Mike
dafne_gonzalez (14:04:06): they are not online yet
mmmarzio (14:04:21): Thanks - YES I WILL STAY HERE!
susannenyrop (14:04:23): Stay Put!
dafne_gonzalez (14:04:56): I have already linked one chatlog to the page
mmmarzio (14:05:00): Does the Mac have people icons in the friends list???
susannenyrop (14:05:08): But then how will you manage to get students meet you, Mike?
mmmarzio (14:05:25): Daf will set me up before she leaves!
susannenyrop (14:05:30): Yes, I do have icons, and messages like (idle) or (available)
mmmarzio (14:05:46): Windows only has messages like (idle) or (available)
susannenyrop (14:06:04): the icon is just one of those grinning faces
dafne_gonzalez (14:06:09): they are getting online now
dafne_gonzalez (14:06:32): Sus, last night I left you a message on your YM
dafne_gonzalez (14:06:40): you were still online
susannenyrop (14:06:45): I did not remark any message, Daf
mmmarzio (14:06:54): mmmarzio: Daf will set me up before she leaves! - Correct, Daf? - I don't have the studs' addresses well correlated with their names etc
Yahoo! Messenger (14:07:00): carolinalista has joined the conference.
carolinalista (14:07:03): hi
susannenyrop (14:07:06): Hi Caro!
mmmarzio (14:07:07): Hi Caronaz
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:08): they will be here
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:13): hi Caro
mmmarzio (14:07:14): Hi Carolina
carolinalista (14:07:18): there are problems with the video!!!
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:25): what happens?
susannenyrop (14:07:31): oh no! what kind of problems, caro?
carolinalista (14:07:34): i cannot open the file
mmmarzio (14:07:37): Good news, Caro!
mmmarzio (14:07:52): Which file, Caro?
susannenyrop (14:07:59): did you download the file on your harddisk?
carolinalista (14:08:04): it says video is not accesible
carolinalista (14:08:13): yes teh folder does not open
mmmarzio (14:08:14): I misunderstood - what are the problems?
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:21): Mr Video-man that's your issue
mmmarzio (14:08:25): oh boy
carolinalista (14:08:52): we cannot open unit 42
mmmarzio (14:08:53): do you have a file with a "RM" extension?
susannenyrop (14:08:57): I downloaded the viode unit twenty minutes ago, and had access to do so
dafne_gonzalez (14:09:51): Caro
mmmarzio (14:09:52): Caro - do you have a file with a "RM" extension?
carolinalista (14:10:11): i do not know
susannenyrop (14:10:20): I can mail the video unit 42 to you, if that is of any help - Caro?
susannenyrop (14:10:27): it is called jimrobin.rm
dafne_gonzalez (14:10:27): why don't you ask the students to complete worksheet 1 and the discussion board message while the video problem is solved?
mmmarzio (14:10:46): JimRobin.rm is the main video
susannenyrop (14:10:55): yes
mmmarzio (14:11:38): Caro - look at the files I sent you.
carolinalista (14:11:54): i have thet in my office
carolinalista (14:12:00): computer
mmmarzio (14:12:11): what have you got here now?
dafne_gonzalez (14:12:26): Caro, why don't you ask the students to complete worksheet 1 and the discussion board message while the video problem is solved?
mmmarzio (14:13:19): brb 30 seconds
dafne_gonzalez (14:13:30): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:14:25): I wanted to share something with you, Sus
mmmarzio (14:14:35): Carolina - I need more input from you to help with the video problem
susannenyrop (14:14:43): daf, I'm here
dafne_gonzalez (14:15:14): will talk to you later
dafne_gonzalez (14:15:28): about that
carolinalista (14:15:30): they are working on the bulletingboard
mmmarzio (14:15:32): Carolina - I need more input from you to help with the video problem
dafne_gonzalez (14:15:35): fine
susannenyrop (14:15:45): I guess caro is helping her class now
dafne_gonzalez (14:15:52): I guess so
mmmarzio (14:15:59): guess so
mmmarzio (14:16:37): Daf - what was the first thing I said to you about 30 min ago?
dafne_gonzalez (14:17:08): yes, Mike
mmmarzio (14:17:19): I said "I wonder if Caro has the video etc OK"
dafne_gonzalez (14:17:26): this technological things happen
susannenyrop (14:17:32): 
mmmarzio (14:17:34): That's OK - we'll figure it out
dafne_gonzalez (14:17:36): she says she tried and it was fine
mmmarzio (14:17:43): Great
carolinalista (14:17:43): i do not have any video, only the ones from last class
susannenyrop (14:17:47): we need to think of all eventualities, such as changing computer
mmmarzio (14:17:55): Oh boy
susannenyrop (14:18:00): Caro -we can mail them to you
mmmarzio (14:18:12): There's no time, Sus
mmmarzio (14:18:30): We can improvise (!)
dafne_gonzalez (14:18:37): I have an idea
mmmarzio (14:18:50): We can do something else interesting for the students
mmmarzio (14:18:57): Yes DAF?
carolinalista (14:18:57): yes pleas!!!
susannenyrop (14:19:04): which one is that, Daf?
dafne_gonzalez (14:19:05): after the students finish with worksheet 1 and discussion board
dafne_gonzalez (14:19:15): ask them to go to the weblog
mmmarzio (14:19:24): yes?
dafne_gonzalez (14:19:38): and write something about each of them
carolinalista (14:19:52): good news!! i could ldownload part 1
susannenyrop (14:20:01): ah, great
dafne_gonzalez (14:20:02): fine
carolinalista (14:20:18): i wll see if ss can do it too
dafne_gonzalez (14:20:25): ok
mmmarzio (14:20:48): Caro, what is the name of the video file you downloaded?
dafne_gonzalez (14:21:09): part 1 is the whole video, isn't it?
mmmarzio (14:21:09): Is it JimRobin10.rm for example?
mmmarzio (14:21:24): JimRobin.rm is the whole video
dafne_gonzalez (14:21:34): they can start with the pre-viewing activities 
dafne_gonzalez (14:22:16): once I remember I had a video planned for a class....
mmmarzio (14:22:30): JimRobin.rm is broken up into several different parts also - the different parts have a number at he end, like JimRobin10.rm
dafne_gonzalez (14:22:54): and the guy with the labdoor key did not show up
mmmarzio (14:23:06): oh boy
dafne_gonzalez (14:23:11): after that we were all given a key
dafne_gonzalez (14:23:46): another time, the video equipment decided not to work
mmmarzio (14:23:57): So, where are we at now?
dafne_gonzalez (14:24:58): students are sending their discussion board messages
dafne_gonzalez (14:25:02): so they are working
mmmarzio (14:25:05): Does Carolina in fact have the video(s) or not?
susannenyrop (14:25:23): hehe we'll see that
dafne_gonzalez (14:25:31): she has but is checking the ss can download them
dafne_gonzalez (14:25:35): if
mmmarzio (14:26:51): What does ss" mean?
dafne_gonzalez (14:26:58): students
mmmarzio (14:27:11): Oh - (I say "studs") !
dafne_gonzalez (14:27:19): ss is shorter
mmmarzio (14:27:23): yes!
carolinalista (14:27:27): they are working with ex3 of u nit 42
dafne_gonzalez (14:27:47): did they work in the previewing exercises, Caro?
carolinalista (14:27:52): but we downloaded it from the internet
mmmarzio (14:27:55): That's an MC which deals with the entire video
carolinalista (14:28:05): no
dafne_gonzalez (14:28:23): they did not need the video for those
carolinalista (14:29:11): yes i know but we are in a hurry!
carolinalista (14:30:37): i do not know what happened. i am so sorry!!
dafne_gonzalez (14:30:45): for the next section, we should start with those
mmmarzio (14:30:52): That's OK, Caro
carolinalista (14:30:55): but now we are working directly from the web
dafne_gonzalez (14:31:07): it is good they can open the page
mmmarzio (14:31:18): That's good if you can work from the web
carolinalista (14:31:54): daf, do they need the answers to include them in the worsheet 2? no right?
dafne_gonzalez (14:32:11): there is a question about that, but it's ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:32:24): only about their usefulness
carolinalista (14:32:50): ah ok, because theyu were asking if they needed to write anything down
dafne_gonzalez (14:33:20): they will complete the worksheet but they do not need the answers to the ex.
carolinalista (14:33:23): at what time do you want to start thw chat session?
carolinalista (14:33:31): ok
susannenyrop (14:33:32): They're asked to wirhte some sentences they heard
dafne_gonzalez (14:33:38): as soon as they finish with the video
dafne_gonzalez (14:33:51): but should not write them before
susannenyrop (14:34:09): brb
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:15): ok
carolinalista (14:34:31): in the video?
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:41): heard in the video
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:49): but to see what they remember
carolinalista (14:34:54): in which part?
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:56): do not ask them to write anything
dafne_gonzalez (14:35:07): that's in the worksheet
carolinalista (14:35:14): ok, they wont do it then
mmmarzio (14:36:02): I can't find the link to the new worksheet, Daf. Sorry - url please?
dafne_gonzalez (14:36:16): just a sec
dafne_gonzalez (14:36:33):
mmmarzio (14:36:45): thanks
dafne_gonzalez (14:36:47): it is linked from the video unit web page
mmmarzio (14:37:24): yes i got it now
dafne_gonzalez (14:37:37): I have also uploaded one of the chatlogs from last week
carolinalista (14:37:38): I have 11 students today
dafne_gonzalez (14:37:51): fine, 
carolinalista (14:37:59): i wiull be back in 1 minute
mmmarzio (14:38:02): 11 - that's great
dafne_gonzalez (14:38:07): we will have two groups, 5 and 6
susannenyrop (14:38:10): I'm here again
dafne_gonzalez (14:38:15): wb, Sus
mmmarzio (14:38:22): hi here again
susannenyrop (14:38:48): wb, MIke 
susannenyrop (14:39:00): wb = welcome back
mmmarzio (14:39:17): So one group (5) will be in one room and the other (6) will be in a different room ??
susannenyrop (14:39:48): hopefully so
susannenyrop (14:39:52): lol
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:07): yes, Sus and I will take 6
mmmarzio (14:40:11): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:15): and we will let you with 5 here
mmmarzio (14:40:36): I guess I'll ask my group questions about the video and exos
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:40): so you will be the master of your chat
susannenyrop (14:40:42): I suppose that Mike need to invite HIS five students in here?
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:55): we will ask Carolina to do so
mmmarzio (14:41:12): No, sus, you and Daf will do that for me before you leave - or give me their addresses now
susannenyrop (14:41:17): but how can she invite them to someone else's confenrence?
mmmarzio (14:41:28): Easy
mmmarzio (14:41:35): Easy for HER, I mean
mmmarzio (14:41:58): She simply invites them here, and then leavers
mmmarzio (14:42:04): and then leaves
dafne_gonzalez (14:42:05): I have opened a conference
susannenyrop (14:42:09): Hm, not sure that works
mmmarzio (14:42:39): In that case, I NEED YAHOO IDs ! !
dafne_gonzalez (14:42:51): ok, Mike, I will stay with you until your ss are here
dafne_gonzalez (14:43:03): and Sus will go to the other conference
mmmarzio (14:43:04): Thanks Daf
dafne_gonzalez (14:43:12): which is already open
susannenyrop (14:43:40): I am in both windows until everything works smoothly, too
carolinalista (14:43:40): i am here again
dafne_gonzalez (14:44:18): wb, CAro
mmmarzio (14:44:50): Daf, you are the Queen
dafne_gonzalez (14:45:05): only practice, Mike
carolinalista (14:45:08): maybe thwy should stop ariund 9 to start the chat, remember that they have another class at 9>30
dafne_gonzalez (14:45:36): yes, they can complete the worksheet later
carolinalista (14:45:37): what do you think?
susannenyrop (14:45:39): yes, we do need time for the chat!
dafne_gonzalez (14:45:43): at home
dafne_gonzalez (14:45:49): before next class
carolinalista (14:46:02): ok, i will ask them to stop at 9 and wait for the invitations, right?
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:27): ok
carolinalista (14:46:33): perfect
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:40): if someone finishes before, let us know
carolinalista (14:46:44): ok
susannenyrop (14:46:50): Caro, which students do you have today?
carolinalista (14:47:15): carolina,marco, apsara, amelia
carolinalista (14:47:33): adriana, valentina, maricarmen, liliana
carolinalista (14:47:43): marialejandra, marianne and patricia
dafne_gonzalez (14:48:07): I only have 7 online now
carolinalista (14:48:21): what do you mean?
carolinalista (14:48:39): i will go and check what they are doing ok?
susannenyrop (14:48:46): I have all their IDs - except Adriana
mmmarzio (14:48:59): Good job, Sus
susannenyrop (14:49:22): I made a Student ID list last week
dafne_gonzalez (14:49:27): adryp_15
susannenyrop (14:50:10): the one mising today is Marialejandra
dafne_gonzalez (14:50:18): ok
mmmarzio (14:50:27): Good work ladies
susannenyrop (14:50:56): Thank you Mr. Schoolmaster
mmmarzio (14:51:15): That's me
mmmarzio (14:51:36): aka GrumpyGrammarMan
susannenyrop (14:51:55): :smiles her most innocent smile
susannenyrop (14:52:02): 
carolinalista (14:52:22): no marialejandra is here
susannenyrop (14:52:34): Great
mmmarzio (14:52:37): 
carolinalista (14:52:42): marialejandrausb
dafne_gonzalez (14:52:54): I am going to invite here....
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:01): apsara
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:06): marco
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:16): maricarmen
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:22): Carolina
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:33): and liliana
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:49): the others go to the other conference
mmmarzio (14:54:00): Fine
carolinalista (14:54:07): i told them to stop now
susannenyrop (14:54:11): Excellent job
Yahoo! Messenger (14:54:23): apsarasb has joined the conference.
carolinalista (14:54:27): is everybody online?
apsarasb (14:54:35): hi dafne!!!
dafne_gonzalez (14:54:48): hello
Yahoo! Messenger (14:55:05): marcofb65 has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:55:19): hello apsara and marco
Yahoo! Messenger (14:55:25): krola979 has joined the conference.
mmmarzio (14:55:28): So in this room we have / will have : Apsara, Marco, Maricarmen, Carolina,liliana
dafne_gonzalez (14:55:31): hello Caarolina
mmmarzio (14:55:39): Hi Apsara
krola979 (14:55:40): hi Dafne
dafne_gonzalez (14:55:41): I have invited them all
marcofb65 (14:55:41): hello, how are you?
apsarasb (14:55:49): hi michael
dafne_gonzalez (14:55:56): going to my conference to invite there
mmmarzio (14:56:08): Hi - what is Krola's first name again?
mmmarzio (14:56:16): Hi Marco
carolinalista (14:56:26): good mike I hope you will have a great time with my kids!!
marcofb65 (14:56:29): hi
mmmarzio (14:56:36): Thanks caro!
susannenyrop (14:56:36): Hi Apsara, Carolina (Krola) and Marco - you going to chat with Mike. I will leave for the other conference now, bye bye
carolinalista (14:56:39): she is carolina too
krola979 (14:56:48): Carolina or Krola is my first name
mmmarzio (14:56:59): Apsara, Marco, Maricarmen, Carolina, and Liliana are yo all here now?
mmmarzio (14:57:23): OK Carolina
marcofb65 (14:57:26): i'm
Yahoo! Messenger (14:57:29): lilixbadgirl has joined the conference.
krola979 (14:57:37): hi mike
mmmarzio (14:57:38): Is MariaCarmen coming?
dafne_gonzalez (14:57:39): marisela is not online
mmmarzio (14:57:51): Hi Lillian
lilixbadgirl (14:57:56): hi!!!!
mmmarzio (14:58:03): OK Let's begin
dafne_gonzalez (14:58:03): virginia is not either
lilixbadgirl (14:58:06): my name is liliana.. 
krola979 (14:58:08): ok
carolinalista (14:58:09): maricarmen has not received the invitation yet
apsarasb (14:58:20): i am here
dafne_gonzalez (14:58:23): i sent it , let me do it again
dafne_gonzalez (14:58:46): just did
mmmarzio (14:58:53): OK - I will wait - My first question will be "Have you all watched the video with Jim and Robin yet?"
krola979 (14:59:01): yes
lilixbadgirl (14:59:09): I have
mmmarzio (14:59:14): What do you think of Robin?
mmmarzio (14:59:24): (A personal opinion)
lilixbadgirl (14:59:36): she is very outgoing... 
mmmarzio (14:59:41): and...
Yahoo! Messenger (14:59:41): maricarmen_santoro has left the conference.
Yahoo! Messenger (14:59:42): maricarmen_santoro has joined the conference.
krola979 (14:59:43): He is intelligent
Yahoo! Messenger (14:59:45): maricarmen_santoro has joined the conference.
marcofb65 (14:59:48): yes, i did. I think robin is a very nice and outgoing person
lilixbadgirl (15:00:00): outgoing? i'm not sure if it's the right word...
carolinalista (15:00:16): daf what abiut the other grou?
marcofb65 (15:00:24): even though she wouldn't give out a lot of personal info
mmmarzio (15:00:24): Fine - You all "like" Jim and Robin? (Hi Mariacarmen !)
carolinalista (15:00:24): the other group?
lilixbadgirl (15:00:27): hiiiiiiiiiiiii mariiiiiiiiii
apsarasb (15:00:28): hi maricarmen
dafne_gonzalez (15:00:39): Carolina, the other people are not onlline
maricarmen_santoro (15:00:53): HOW ARE YOU?
apsarasb (15:01:09): she didn't like to give oersonal information
krola979 (15:01:12): yes
apsarasb (15:01:17): she is very reserved
krola979 (15:01:26): They are different
maricarmen_santoro (15:01:28): 
mmmarzio (15:01:28): Did any of you (Apsara, Marco, Maricarmen, Carolina,liliana) look at he first exercise called "New Vocabulary"?
lilixbadgirl (15:01:28): yes. I agree to apsara
mmmarzio (15:01:45): Lil, you agree WITH Aspara?
lilixbadgirl (15:01:48): no I didn't
mmmarzio (15:01:49): About what?
apsarasb (15:01:50): no we didn't 
marcofb65 (15:01:51): not really. I didn't know about it
mmmarzio (15:02:04): Which words were NEW ?
marcofb65 (15:02:13): misoginy
apsarasb (15:02:21): misogyny
mmmarzio (15:02:28): What is mysogyny?
lilixbadgirl (15:02:29): migo.... I don't remember how to spell it
marcofb65 (15:02:35): it is similar in spanish, I've heard it, but don't know the meaning
lilixbadgirl (15:02:40): yes that word.. 
krola979 (15:02:49): I don't know
apsarasb (15:02:53): i don't know
maricarmen_santoro (15:02:53): i dont know 
lilixbadgirl (15:02:54): women hating men..
mmmarzio (15:02:56): Hatred of WOMEN
lilixbadgirl (15:03:07): hatred?
krola979 (15:03:10): whai
apsarasb (15:03:21): what's hatrer
marcofb65 (15:03:22): thanx
maricarmen_santoro (15:03:22): what it is?
mmmarzio (15:03:23): What is hatred?
lilixbadgirl (15:03:31): yes
apsarasb (15:03:34): i dont' know
krola979 (15:03:40): sorry, what is hatred?
lilixbadgirl (15:03:43): me neither
mmmarzio (15:03:48): Anybody?? What is the OPPOSITE of hatred?
apsarasb (15:03:58): i think is love
mmmarzio (15:04:03): The oppopsite of hatred is...
mmmarzio (15:04:06): LOVE
marcofb65 (15:04:07): love, o st like that?
mmmarzio (15:04:08): yes
maricarmen_santoro (15:04:10): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we can change the word 
lilixbadgirl (15:04:11): hmmmmm it has to be with love?
apsarasb (15:04:12): hate
krola979 (15:04:12): ok
mmmarzio (15:04:19): ok
lilixbadgirl (15:04:27): ok
mmmarzio (15:04:38): In the Middle Ages, many men hated women
apsarasb (15:04:45): why
lilixbadgirl (15:04:47): ok
krola979 (15:05:05): whr
mmmarzio (15:05:15): Why is a diificult question - you must learn History
maricarmen_santoro (15:05:20): because the men are MACHISTAS
apsarasb (15:05:23): ok
mmmarzio (15:05:27): That's the idea!
krola979 (15:05:31): ever
mmmarzio (15:05:38): Extreme Machos
lilixbadgirl (15:05:47): jajaja I agree maricarmen
apsarasb (15:05:53): i agree too
krola979 (15:05:58): me too
marcofb65 (15:06:07): or maybe women wnted to much power for that time
apsarasb (15:06:22): you are crazy marco
mmmarzio (15:06:30): I don't know Marco, but I have another question
maricarmen_santoro (15:06:35): IT IS FOR THE MEN
marcofb65 (15:06:40): nop, i don't mean they didn't deserve it
mmmarzio (15:06:49): Were there any other words you did not know in Exercise 1?
apsarasb (15:06:50): ok 
lilixbadgirl (15:07:05): no
apsarasb (15:07:07): we didn't do exercise 1
mmmarzio (15:07:10): (Nope is spelled with an "e" at the end)
marcofb65 (15:07:19): it's just that maybe they wanted to be over men
mmmarzio (15:07:33): OH you didn't do exercise 1 - Which ones did you do?
apsarasb (15:07:36): but they deserve equalyty
apsarasb (15:07:51): from exersice 3
marcofb65 (15:07:53): thanx mike
lilixbadgirl (15:08:08): yes, I think we did excersice 3
mmmarzio (15:08:10): OK - you only did Exercise 3?
maricarmen_santoro (15:08:16): YES
lilixbadgirl (15:08:19): yes
mmmarzio (15:08:25): OK just a second
krola979 (15:08:27): I dont remenber the exercise 1
apsarasb (15:08:27): and the following
marcofb65 (15:08:28): no, from ex. 3
marcofb65 (15:08:35): until 12
carolinalista (15:08:48): she is back again
lilixbadgirl (15:08:49): ok
maricarmen_santoro (15:08:56): hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
mmmarzio (15:09:02): OK fine - Are the 2 verb tenses important to anyone here?
mmmarzio (15:09:13): You have the past and the prersent perfect
lilixbadgirl (15:09:22): yes
mmmarzio (15:09:29): What is special about the present perfect?
mmmarzio (15:09:34): Example =
maricarmen_santoro (15:09:34): yes
mmmarzio (15:09:45): Example from the video, anyone??
lilixbadgirl (15:09:55): I have been there once in my life
marcofb65 (15:10:03): I really think we already know the tenses. allthought it is a good way to practice
lilixbadgirl (15:10:06): ahhhh from the video... let me remember
apsarasb (15:10:17): when she says what she did yesterday
mmmarzio (15:10:36): Yesterday - is that a key word for the present perfect ?
marcofb65 (15:10:37): that's past
apsarasb (15:10:43): sorry
mmmarzio (15:10:44): Good Marco
apsarasb (15:10:50): 
mmmarzio (15:11:03): What's a key word you use with the present perfect?
apsarasb (15:11:17): the verb to have
marcofb65 (15:11:19): since, for, ...
lilixbadgirl (15:11:28): how long have you met? I think it was one of the questions from the intervierwer
mmmarzio (15:11:30): Right, both of you
marcofb65 (15:11:35): like when they said they've known each other for 4 years
lilixbadgirl (15:11:50): 
maricarmen_santoro (15:12:04): i have been study since 1986
mmmarzio (15:12:24): What is the difference between "Jim has known Robin for 4 years" and "Jim knew Robin 4 years ago?
maricarmen_santoro (15:12:28): it is an example
mmmarzio (15:12:43): OK MariaCarmen
mmmarzio (15:12:52): But there's a little mistake in your example
marcofb65 (15:12:55): the last one would mean he doesn't know her anymore
lilixbadgirl (15:12:56): the difference is that in the second sentence Robin is dead.. maybe...
krola979 (15:13:19): knew, is the past of know?
lilixbadgirl (15:13:20): o he didn't see her again
apsarasb (15:13:39): known
maricarmen_santoro (15:13:50): i am not mariacarmen i am maricarmen
mmmarzio (15:14:01): How long have you architecture students known each other?
marcofb65 (15:14:17): most of us for 3 years
mmmarzio (15:14:24): Maricarmen - very sorry
mmmarzio (15:14:52): ?
lilixbadgirl (15:14:53): we have known each other since 3 years ago
apsarasb (15:14:54): 2 years or something
maricarmen_santoro (15:15:25): i have known since 3 years ago
mmmarzio (15:15:31): lilixbadgirl: we have known each other since 3 years ago ???????????????????,
lilixbadgirl (15:15:33): yes... 2 years and a half maybe
mmmarzio (15:15:51): maricarmen_santoro: i have known since 3 years ago ????????????????????????????,,
krola979 (15:15:57): 5 years
lilixbadgirl (15:16:03): oops sorry... I got confused
mmmarzio (15:16:08): Who can correct those sentences?
apsarasb (15:16:18): we know you since last week
lilixbadgirl (15:16:41): ahhhhh wait
marcofb65 (15:16:45): i have known them for 3 years
mmmarzio (15:16:49): You have known me since last week
mmmarzio (15:16:53): good
mmmarzio (15:17:19): Lil, can you try again?
mmmarzio (15:17:55): can you try again?
lilixbadgirl (15:18:13): 
krola979 (15:18:15): I have go for other class
maricarmen_santoro (15:18:24): yes we have known you since last week
mmmarzio (15:18:24): mmmarzio: maricarmen_santoro: i have known since 3 years ago IS NOT vorrect
krola979 (15:18:31): see you later 
mmmarzio (15:18:36): You have to leave already?
mmmarzio (15:18:45): Great! 
mmmarzio (15:18:51): And I have known you since last week.
mmmarzio (15:19:04): Bye Caro
maricarmen_santoro (15:19:10): now, i have to go for my other class
mmmarzio (15:19:25): Bye MariCarmen
maricarmen_santoro (15:19:40): bye
lilixbadgirl (15:19:40): yes me too.... but my last sentence... was it right?
mmmarzio (15:20:01): what was your last one?
mmmarzio (15:20:21): was your last one!
lilixbadgirl (15:20:27): we have known each other since 3 years ago
Yahoo! Messenger (15:20:29): krola979 has left the conference.
mmmarzio (15:20:51): we have known each other since 1973 
mmmarzio (15:21:09): we have known each other for a week
lilixbadgirl (15:21:11): AAAAHHHH i got it!
mmmarzio (15:21:13): We met a week ago
lilixbadgirl (15:21:24): ... 
mmmarzio (15:21:24): Good!
lilixbadgirl (15:21:29): jajajajajaja
mmmarzio (15:21:33): 
lilixbadgirl (15:21:41): thanks!
mmmarzio (15:21:48): You're welcome!
mmmarzio (15:22:06): Who is still here?
dafne_gonzalez (15:22:16): I am asking the same there
marcofb65 (15:22:17): me
mmmarzio (15:22:33): Don't you have another class, Marco?
apsarasb (15:22:39): me apsara
marcofb65 (15:22:50): nope
dafne_gonzalez (15:22:53): Thanks for your comment in the discussion board Marco
susannenyrop (15:22:54): This time it worked smoother I think?
mmmarzio (15:22:56): Do you guys still have tilme to chat?
lilixbadgirl (15:22:59): Bye bye!!! see you next class

mmmarzio (15:40:58): "dygonza is not available."
dafne_gonzalez (15:41:07): finally, back
mmmarzio (15:41:09): Oh here she is
carolinalista (15:41:11): no i guee the liekd to do something different for a change
dafne_gonzalez (15:41:13): I felt rejected
susannenyrop (15:41:13): But Daf jiust jooined us - she has a double identity
carolinalista (15:41:19): liked to do
susannenyrop (15:41:46): They were relaxed and natural in the chat situation
mmmarzio (15:41:56): yes
dafne_gonzalez (15:42:02): yes, I they understood everything
susannenyrop (15:42:03): HOpefully the next group will be likewise this time
mmmarzio (15:42:21): with a little bit of luck
carolinalista (15:42:28): most of my students complained about the videos we use because they say they are defficult to understand and people talk very fast
mmmarzio (15:42:51): BRB (I am NOT smoking a cig)
dafne_gonzalez (15:42:53): we asked them questions about the video and they understood all the content
dafne_gonzalez (15:43:27): are reading my messages?
carolinalista (15:43:29): I just hope the machines will work properly at 11>30 and that the students will have a better attitude!!
carolinalista (15:43:34): than last time
susannenyrop (15:43:36): Yes, I think that their general level of understanding was high
susannenyrop (15:43:40): I suppose the anxiety about how to join us, and what to expect, disappeared now
susannenyrop (15:43:49): we read you, daf!!
dafne_gonzalez (15:43:58): ok 
susannenyrop (15:44:12): 
carolinalista (15:44:15): they had a better idea of what they hat to do
dafne_gonzalez (15:44:32): they behaved fine
susannenyrop (15:44:40): yes, and they do know that we're only human beings 
dafne_gonzalez (15:44:40): very cooperative
susannenyrop (15:45:01): I think the chatlog will show how good they worked
dafne_gonzalez (15:45:31): Caro, I have already put the chatlog you sent me on the web page
susannenyrop (15:45:36): even though twenty minutes is not much for a good chat
dafne_gonzalez (15:45:49): no
dafne_gonzalez (15:46:12): I hope they complete the worksheets, and now they have to write the story
dafne_gonzalez (15:46:38): for next class, they can do that in pairs, Caro
dafne_gonzalez (15:48:09): are you there?
susannenyrop (15:48:20): oh, I see how thirsty Mike is
mmmarzio (15:48:20): am back
susannenyrop (15:48:28): I will go get a glass of water
mmmarzio (15:48:37): I have to do lots if different things in this office
susannenyrop (15:48:45): brb
mmmarzio (15:49:08): I'm glad they're were no phone calls during the short chat with the students
dafne_gonzalez (15:49:21): I had a phone call
dafne_gonzalez (15:49:34): and many chat windowns popping up
dafne_gonzalez (15:49:42): windows
mmmarzio (15:49:47): I think I actually got them interested in a little grammar, Daf.
dafne_gonzalez (15:50:09): We talked about the content of the video, the story 
mmmarzio (15:50:28): What WAS the story?
dafne_gonzalez (15:50:31): and the characters
dafne_gonzalez (15:50:41): that's what they have to write
dafne_gonzalez (15:50:48): the story of this couple
mmmarzio (15:51:06): I suppose you mean the content - yes - the story - what she did yesterday, etc
dafne_gonzalez (15:51:30): and what is unsaid in the video
susannenyrop (15:51:48): The intriguing story was - why they met, and did want to tell us
dafne_gonzalez (15:51:49): how they met
dafne_gonzalez (15:52:04): if they are married or not
susannenyrop (15:52:06): that was triggering their imagination
mmmarzio (15:52:12): Yes - did anyone conjecture on how they met?
dafne_gonzalez (15:52:21): yes, there were some ideas
mmmarzio (15:52:29): My theory is that he's a divorce lawyer
dafne_gonzalez (15:52:30): including Sus and mine
mmmarzio (15:52:49): And he helped her get divorced
dafne_gonzalez (15:53:00): lol
susannenyrop (15:53:05): Oh yes, a divorce lawyer, and that's why they had to lie about when they met
dafne_gonzalez (15:53:36): he looks more like a divorcee than she does
mmmarzio (15:53:43): maybe!
susannenyrop (15:53:45): Daf suggested they met in a chat room
dafne_gonzalez (15:54:13): 
mmmarzio (15:54:20): Yeah, right - they didn't even jave chat rooms in 1992 when I filmed them
mmmarzio (15:54:32): chat rooms
mmmarzio (15:54:53): I avoid dating the videos
mmmarzio (15:55:08): It could have been filmed last week
dafne_gonzalez (15:55:13): right
susannenyrop (15:55:14): But they dod have MOO chat
susannenyrop (15:55:20): a
mmmarzio (15:55:41): moo chats in '92?
susannenyrop (15:55:48): only that they would not be the type you would expect to meet in the early days of MOO
mmmarzio (15:56:02): right
carolinalista (15:56:06): what is a MOO chat?
susannenyrop (15:56:07): oh yeah - much earlier that the WWW
mmmarzio (15:56:26): I still can't spell mysogyny
mmmarzio (15:56:29): misogyny
susannenyrop (15:58:05): MOO means Multiple Object Oriented -and that is an early version of chat
dafne_gonzalez (15:58:27): yes, that's a dificult word not only to write but to digest, too
susannenyrop (15:58:29): way back in 1972 were the first online role plays when the very first modems came up
dafne_gonzalez (15:58:40): misogyny
susannenyrop (15:58:48): how did students get that word, I could not hear it myself
dafne_gonzalez (15:58:58): they did
mmmarzio (15:59:03): Intensive listening
dafne_gonzalez (15:59:16): they got all the video, they understood everything
mmmarzio (15:59:30): yes, from my end too
susannenyrop (15:59:36): they're good listeners
mmmarzio (15:59:51): young ears hear better
mmmarzio (16:00:11): youing - relative to myself
dafne_gonzalez (16:00:37): that was easy for them, architectural videos are longer and with more complex language and content
dafne_gonzalez (16:01:21): kids for me 
mmmarzio (16:01:27): The architecture videos are obviously - probably - completely authentic - made for native speakers
dafne_gonzalez (16:01:31): they are younger than my son
susannenyrop (16:01:32): Mike, were you born a VERY long time ago?
dafne_gonzalez (16:01:40): lol
mmmarzio (16:02:02): 1946 he said stupidly like Jim
dafne_gonzalez (16:02:03): so I can be their mother
dafne_gonzalez (16:02:09): lol
dafne_gonzalez (16:02:21): you are my sister's age
susannenyrop (16:02:21): I just saw a snapshot of MY son, and thought he's getting old!
mmmarzio (16:02:34): Making up the questions for the interviewers was fun actually
dafne_gonzalez (16:02:43): oh no, she is from 1944
mmmarzio (16:02:49): My daughter is 36
susannenyrop (16:03:01): My son is near 30
dafne_gonzalez (16:03:07): my son is 27
mmmarzio (16:03:22): I giot married when I was 21 (the 1st time)
carolinalista (16:03:22): WOW!! my son is 14 and the little girl is almost 3 now
susannenyrop (16:03:30): and my daughter is 31!!
mmmarzio (16:03:37): You are a youngster, Caro.
dafne_gonzalez (16:03:45): she is a teen
susannenyrop (16:03:47): caro, you still have many years of parenting
carolinalista (16:03:54): not, not really, I got married at 20 the first time
mmmarzio (16:04:08): just like my ex, Caro
susannenyrop (16:04:44): me too (well, we actually never really married but lived together and had kids)
carolinalista (16:04:47): are you kidding me? I have been experiencing the satisfaction of raising a teenager
dafne_gonzalez (16:04:59): I married at 24 the first time
susannenyrop (16:05:09): 
mmmarzio (16:05:21): that's a reasonable age. What was his name?
susannenyrop (16:05:34): Teengaers are wonderful, but not always for their parents
carolinalista (16:05:42): i will be back ina few minutes, ok?
mmmarzio (16:05:48): me too
susannenyrop (16:06:14): I will need a break soon, before next class arrives
dafne_gonzalez (16:06:16): ok, so let's meet at 5:2o
mmmarzio (16:06:24): ok
susannenyrop (16:06:24): good idea!
dafne_gonzalez (16:06:44): ok, see you guys
dafne_gonzalez (16:07:01): let's hope it works as it did now
susannenyrop (16:07:33): Sure it will!
susannenyrop (16:07:37): see you!
susannenyrop (16:07:41): 
dafne_gonzalez (16:07:41): 

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Dafne  May 7, 2003.