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Video Chat Unit

Second Class: Chatlog

Section 2a  Video 42

 May 7, 2003

Moderators: Susanne Nyrop and Dafne Gonzalez

Yahoo! Messenger (14:56:27): mani_smile2002 has joined the conference.
mani_smile2002 (14:56:34): hello everyone
dafne_gonzalez (14:56:49): hello Marianne
dafne_gonzalez (14:57:00): wait a second, I am inviting
susannenyrop (14:57:01): Mi Marianne!
mani_smile2002 (14:57:02): hi dafne how are you???
mani_smile2002 (14:57:11): ok sure
mani_smile2002 (14:57:20): hi susann
susannenyrop (14:57:34): Nice to see you again!
mani_smile2002 (14:58:27): thanks
susannenyrop (14:58:32): We're still waiting for the last students to accept the invitation
susannenyrop (14:58:51): but you and I can start to chat a little, Marianne
dafne_gonzalez (14:59:17): yes, start chatting, I am trying to get people online
mani_smile2002 (14:59:23): oh ok
susannenyrop (14:59:30): Did you finish the video 42?
mani_smile2002 (15:00:10): yes I finished but I was doing ridth now the jumbled word exercises
dafne_gonzalez (15:00:14): 
susannenyrop (15:00:22): ok, you can finish that one later
mani_smile2002 (15:00:42): yes carolina told me to finish it later
susannenyrop (15:01:05): Well, tell me then, what did you think of this couple?
Yahoo! Messenger (15:01:28): palberi has joined the conference.
susannenyrop (15:01:44): Hi Patricia
palberi (15:01:57): Hi Susan
mani_smile2002 (15:02:01): well, they look like they like to studie
Yahoo! Messenger (15:02:06): valentina_armas has joined the conference.
susannenyrop (15:02:14): Hi Valentina
dafne_gonzalez (15:02:20): hi patricia and valentina
valentina_armas (15:02:26): hi how are you
palberi (15:02:38): Hi Dafne How are you
susannenyrop (15:02:57): I'm fine, thanks, and You?
Yahoo! Messenger (15:03:00): amhef2002 has joined the conference.
valentina_armas (15:03:13): im fine too thanks
Yahoo! Messenger (15:03:15): adryp_15 has joined the conference.
amhef2002 (15:03:22): hi dafne, how are you doing
susannenyrop (15:03:26): Hi Adriana
adryp_15 (15:03:36): Hi teacher dafne 
dafne_gonzalez (15:03:44): hello Adriana
susannenyrop (15:03:46): And Hi Amelia
palberi (15:03:49): I am good
dafne_gonzalez (15:04:00): we are missing someone
susannenyrop (15:04:04): Now we have got five students
amhef2002 (15:04:11): who is it
adryp_15 (15:04:17): Fine
mani_smile2002 (15:04:25): who is missing?
dafne_gonzalez (15:04:29): virginia
susannenyrop (15:04:29): maricarmen?
mani_smile2002 (15:04:38): virginia???
mani_smile2002 (15:04:50): she is not here 
amhef2002 (15:04:52): Virginia is not here
dafne_gonzalez (15:04:55): ok
susannenyrop (15:05:00): maricarmen is whti Mike, sorry
mani_smile2002 (15:05:02): 
dafne_gonzalez (15:05:09): well, we are all here finally
mani_smile2002 (15:05:12): yes in fact she is
susannenyrop (15:05:16): then, let us begin talking about the video
dafne_gonzalez (15:05:20): she is?
amhef2002 (15:05:28): i think it was very easy
mani_smile2002 (15:05:31): she is with mike
palberi (15:05:35): Dafne please invited MariaAlejandra to join this conference
dafne_gonzalez (15:05:38): ah ok
mani_smile2002 (15:05:39): yes it was fine
dafne_gonzalez (15:05:44): ok
dafne_gonzalez (15:06:04): ready
Yahoo! Messenger (15:06:08): marialejandrausb has joined the conference.
adryp_15 (15:06:08): I could end to see the video
dafne_gonzalez (15:06:28): welll, you can see it later, Adry
marialejandrausb (15:06:35): hi dafne, sorry i had some problems
susannenyrop (15:06:38): Was it easy to understand, Amelia, why so?
mani_smile2002 (15:06:43): yes, me too but I was doing the jumbled exercises rigth now
dafne_gonzalez (15:06:53): What do you remember from the video
amhef2002 (15:06:54): they talk a little quickly but it was easy to understand them
susannenyrop (15:07:14): I agree, they were easy to understand most of the time
mani_smile2002 (15:07:19): yes it was easy to understand them
palberi (15:07:21): We don t have enough time to finished the exercises of th video
amhef2002 (15:07:49): they talk about where yhey lived, their birthday
susannenyrop (15:07:57): you can finish later, but er're in the chat for now

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dafne_gonzalez (15:07:58): who are they?
amhef2002 (15:08:21): what do you mean
adryp_15 (15:08:21): Robin and Jim, a couple
mani_smile2002 (15:08:23): they are a couple robin and jim
palberi (15:08:26): Jim and Robin was a couple inNew York
dafne_gonzalez (15:08:33): are they married?
amhef2002 (15:08:35): Oh, of course
mani_smile2002 (15:08:41): yes they are
palberi (15:08:47): They dont say at the video
susannenyrop (15:08:50): did they tell us they were married?
marialejandrausb (15:08:55): we dont know, they didnt say
amhef2002 (15:08:56): i think they are\
mani_smile2002 (15:08:58): no 
adryp_15 (15:09:04): No
mani_smile2002 (15:09:07): but I think they were
palberi (15:09:11): No they did not
dafne_gonzalez (15:09:17): how do you know they are not married?
dafne_gonzalez (15:09:29): or why do you think so?
mani_smile2002 (15:09:34): I think they are married
amhef2002 (15:09:36): they didt say it never, but o think they are
palberi (15:09:46): But in the conversation doesnt explain that
dafne_gonzalez (15:10:00): have they known each other for a long time?
susannenyrop (15:10:03): They did look very much like being in love, anyway
mani_smile2002 (15:10:09): for 4 years
dafne_gonzalez (15:10:16): 
amhef2002 (15:10:17): about 4 years
palberi (15:10:23): They known each other for four years
mani_smile2002 (15:10:28): yes they look in love
dafne_gonzalez (15:10:29): how did they meet?
mani_smile2002 (15:10:38): they did not say
amhef2002 (15:10:40): they didnt explain taht
dafne_gonzalez (15:10:43): why?
palberi (15:10:55): They doesnt say, it was a secret
mani_smile2002 (15:10:58): because Robin didnt want tio explain
amhef2002 (15:11:12): because she didnt want to tell it
dafne_gonzalez (15:11:26): why do you think they did not want to talk about it?
mani_smile2002 (15:11:29): becausa it was a strange history
palberi (15:11:32): Maybe it was an strange meetink like a blind date or something
susannenyrop (15:11:32): But why do you think she did not want to tell us?
dafne_gonzalez (15:11:45): or the met in a chat room
susannenyrop (15:11:48): yes, Patricia
dafne_gonzalez (15:11:50): 
dafne_gonzalez (15:12:19): what is his profession? do you remember?
susannenyrop (15:12:27): Or at a private party where his former wife was also present?
dafne_gonzalez (15:12:32): lol
dafne_gonzalez (15:12:39): Sus, shame on you
palberi (15:12:39): MariaAlejandra and Valentina lost their connections please dafne invited them again
adryp_15 (15:12:41): lawyer
amhef2002 (15:12:43): lawyer
dafne_gonzalez (15:12:44): ok
palberi (15:12:54): lawyer
dafne_gonzalez (15:13:24): yes
susannenyrop (15:13:26): Yes, he is a lawyer, and who tell us that?
dafne_gonzalez (15:13:32): and what does she do?
Yahoo! Messenger (15:13:38): valentina_armas has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (15:13:44): wb, Valentina
adryp_15 (15:13:46): Robin
valentina_armas (15:13:49): hi im back
palberi (15:13:49): Robin
mani_smile2002 (15:13:51): because robin tell us that he is a very smart guy
mani_smile2002 (15:14:05): she likes to studie
palberi (15:14:06): She didnt say especifically
adryp_15 (15:14:17): She said he is very smart
amhef2002 (15:14:26): she study a.... its a very strange word
Yahoo! Messenger (15:14:40): marialejandrausb has joined the conference.
marialejandrausb (15:14:43): hi again

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susannenyrop (15:14:48): Did any of you get what she is studying?
dafne_gonzalez (15:14:50): wb, maria alej.
valentina_armas (15:14:52): misoginy i think
palberi (15:14:57): She studies Poetry
amhef2002 (15:15:07): yes it is
dafne_gonzalez (15:15:09): Poetry from where
mani_smile2002 (15:15:14): yes misoginy 
marialejandrausb (15:15:16): i agree with valentna
susannenyrop (15:15:18): Is that American poetry?
adryp_15 (15:15:21): French poetry
valentina_armas (15:15:23): medieval misoginy in french lyric poetry or something like that
mani_smile2002 (15:15:27): france
amhef2002 (15:15:27): i havent ever heared taht word before
dafne_gonzalez (15:15:27): right
mani_smile2002 (15:15:34): not french poetry
dafne_gonzalez (15:15:34): what does it mean?
susannenyrop (15:15:44): Wow, Valentina
mani_smile2002 (15:15:53): yes 
dafne_gonzalez (15:16:42): what are three things women should not be asked, do you remember?
amhef2002 (15:17:13): adriana lost her conection
susannenyrop (15:17:18): did you find out what that means, misogyny?
valentina_armas (15:17:21): yes they were weight, birth date and shoe size
mani_smile2002 (15:17:28): hey I have to leave now
palberi (15:17:32): her weight, her age and her shoe size
dafne_gonzalez (15:17:38): lol
susannenyrop (15:17:45): What do you think of this kind of answer to a direct question?
mani_smile2002 (15:17:52): bye bye every one
susannenyrop (15:18:08): Bye Marianne
palberi (15:18:11): Bye everyone
dafne_gonzalez (15:18:13): bye marianne
dafne_gonzalez (15:18:48): mysogyny
valentina_armas (15:18:56): i have to go too bye nice talking to you
susannenyrop (15:18:58): Are you all leaving for now?
dafne_gonzalez (15:19:17): remember to look at the page for the homework
valentina_armas (15:19:23): yes we have class
susannenyrop (15:19:41): Ok, I hope you enjoyed the chat
Yahoo! Messenger (15:19:52): mani_smile2002 has left the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (15:19:56): finish the exercises, and complete worksheet 2
valentina_armas (15:19:58): ok 
valentina_armas (15:20:10): bye bye
Yahoo! Messenger (15:20:13): valentina_armas has left the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (15:20:22): remember you contact me in YM
dafne_gonzalez (15:21:05): who is still here, raise your hand
Yahoo! Messenger (15:21:23): amhef2002 has left the conference.
susannenyrop (15:21:24): :raises her hand 
dafne_gonzalez (15:21:35): I am here too
dafne_gonzalez (15:21:55): nobody else?
susannenyrop (15:21:58): 
Yahoo! Messenger (15:22:12): marialejandrausb has left the conference.
susannenyrop (15:22:26): This time it worked smoother

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Dafne  May 7, 2003.