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Video-Chat Unit

 Chatlog about Real English Video 42

 Class 2, Section 1b 

May 7, 2003.

Moderators: Susanne Nyrop, in Spain, and Mike Marzio, in France.

Participants: Architecture Students in Venezuela

marianaanelli: hi

susannenyrop: Hello, Mariana

marianaanelli: hello

susannenyrop: did you see the video?

marianaanelli: yes i saw it

susannenyrop: welcome back, Mariana

marianaanelli: i am back!

marianaanelli: thank you

mmmarzio: marianaanelli is our only accepter

susannenyrop: it might take a little while before we're all here

marianaanelli: invite bianca

susannenyrop: mariana, ask your friends Flaviana and carmen if they have got invitations

susannenyrop: Mike, Bianca is bianca_egarcia

marianaanelli: no

marianaanelli: they did not

marianaanelli: i can invite carmen

susannenyrop: that's a mystery.

susannenyrop: try to see if you can invite, I am unable to do so

susannenyrop: and Nike has to leave us soon

susannenyrop: Mike =mmmarzio

marianaanelli: ok

mmmarzio: I keep inviting but nobody is available

mmmarzio: What is happening?

marianaanelli: i can invite carmen

marianaanelli: she is like offline

mmmarzio: please do!

marianaanelli: i can invite bianca garcia

susannenyrop: Mariana, you're our helper!

mmmarzio: bianca garcia is not on our list

marianaanelli: ok

mmmarzio: Sus, maybe we should chat with Mariana - get started

susannenyrop: yes

susannenyrop: how did you like the couple, Mariana?

mmmarzio: Well, Mariana, did you watch thez video with Jim & Robin?

marianaanelli: yes

marianaanelli: i think that they are a funny couple

mmmarzio: How?

mmmarzio: or why?

marianaanelli: i dont know they are very nice

mmmarzio: Robin is nice?

marianaanelli: yes i think so

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mmmarzio: Let's switch to grammar for a second, OK?

marianaanelli: ok

susannenyrop: Ok

mmmarzio: Robin used the present perfect and the past. Can you think of an example of one or the other?

mmmarzio: What did Robin say about "yesterday" ?

marianaanelli: present perfect is like... we have been known each other for four years

mmmarzio: That's almost good

marianaanelli: she studied french liryc poetri

susannenyrop: We have known each other, is that better?

mmmarzio: Yes - they have known each other for four years

marianaanelli: yes right

mmmarzio: Much better, sus!

mmmarzio: How long have you BEEN a student at USB?

marianaanelli: i put an extra been

mmmarzio: right

susannenyrop: I'm not so strong in grammar either

marianaanelli: 3 years long

susannenyrop: I've been a student at the University of Copenhagen for almost eight years

mmmarzio: Oh boy - Sus take over for a second please (BRB!)

susannenyrop: OK

susannenyrop: Mariana, what can we do about your fiends, they still need to accept an invitation from one of us to meet us here in the chat

susannenyrop: and dafne has had problems too

marianaanelli: i dont know because they appear in my list list like offline

marianaanelli: and i cant invite them

carolinalista: sus please invite bianca

susannenyrop: then we'll have to open a new window, I'll try to invite all of you for a new conference, Please accept my invitation

mmmarzio: Excuse me - I'm back

susannenyrop: I cannot invite in this one, as  I am using a mac

mmmarzio: I will invite her

susannenyrop: mike, can you invite Bianca?

susannenyrop: ok

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mmmarzio: what is her ID?

susannenyrop: hello Bianca!!!

bianca_egarcia: hello

mmmarzio: great Hi Bianca!

marianaanelli: yes i didi it

bianca_egarcia: finally i am here


bianca_egarcia: thanks mariana

susannenyrop: annieusb = annie

hglameda = Humberto

 jheny_ronchetti = Jheny


mmmarzio: Did you watch the Jim & Robin video?


bianca_egarcia: yes

mmmarzio: Should I reinvite the others?

susannenyrop: MARIANA, YOU will get a gold medal

susannenyrop: yes, do

bianca_egarcia: the activity was too large

susannenyrop: carhelgom200 = carmen

susannenyrop: : flaviana22 = flaviana

susannenyrop: can one of you manage to invite these?

carolinalista: carmen neeed to be invited

marianaanelli: yes i am itriying with carmen

mmmarzio: I invited them again

susannenyrop: those were the names Dafne told us to have in our group

susannenyrop: carmen is cargelhom2000 on my list!!!

marianaanelli: yes

susannenyrop: one more zero

marianaanelli: it is 2000

susannenyrop: anyway, we're getting closer to your end of class

marianaanelli: yes we do

susannenyrop: sometimes the chat management is pretty timetaking

susannenyrop: hello Valexa!!

susannenyrop: great to see you here

mmmarzio: Hi Valexa!

marianaanelli: hi valexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

bianca_egarcia: hi valexa

valx82villamediana: hello

marianaanelli: yes our group is gettin bigger

susannenyrop: I can almost HEAR how happy Mariana is to see you

valx82villamediana: jejejejeje I'm in two conferences now

valx82villamediana: jajajajaja

susannenyrop: interesting

marianaanelli: jajaja

susannenyrop: stay in both, then

valx82villamediana: ok

bianca_egarcia: stay with our  valexa

susannenyrop: that will give you a double experience

bianca_egarcia: we are better

susannenyrop: what can we say about that video?`

valx82villamediana: yes I hope a double grade too

mmmarzio: How did Jim and Robin meet eacch other ??

bianca_egarcia: it was easy bu...

marianaanelli: we dont know

mmmarzio: Why not?

bianca_egarcia: but the activities were very boring

marianaanelli: robin didnt tell it

mmmarzio: Why not?

susannenyrop: You're very honest, Bianca

bianca_egarcia: always

marianaanelli: jajaja

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susannenyrop: No, Robin wanted some discretion

marianaanelli: aja

mmmarzio: What do you THINK is the answer, Mariana?   How did they meet? Try to imagine

susannenyrop: why do you think she did not want us to know how they met?

bianca_egarcia: they met on vacation

susannenyrop: that's the great questions about Robin and Jim

mmmarzio: OK That's a good possibility

marianaanelli: mmm... he is a friend of robin s father

valx82villamediana: because is a personal experience

susannenyrop: Oh yes, that is one possible reason

bianca_egarcia: jim was married when they met

mmmarzio: I af=gree with Bianca

mmmarzio: I agree with Bianca

valx82villamediana: jejejejeje

susannenyrop: I believe he was - or she was married to his best friend?

marianaanelli: may be

susannenyrop: Are they both the same age?

bianca_egarcia: yes like a soap opera

valx82villamediana: no


marianaanelli: or they met in a crazy party

valx82villamediana: he's older

mmmarzio: What did Robin do yesterday?

bianca_egarcia: she studied

bianca_egarcia: and ate

valx82villamediana: she studied

Yahoo! Messenger: sedaile joined the conference.

marianaanelli: yes

mmmarzio: What did she study, Bianca?

bianca_egarcia: hi seda!!!!

mmmarzio: Hi Sedaille!

sedaile: hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bianca_egarcia: poetry

marianaanelli: french liryc

mmmarzio: What kind of poetry?

bianca_egarcia: liric poetry

marianaanelli: french

bianca_egarcia: in french

sedaile: french poetry

mmmarzio: And what was the type of poetry - what was it about?

marianaanelli: poetry of the misor bla bla

susannenyrop: was that contemporary Lyrics?

marianaanelli: medieval

valx82villamediana: jajajaja

valx82villamediana: no

mmmarzio: Right - Misor blah blah

valx82villamediana: medieval

mmmarzio: Great - something medieval

marianaanelli: i dont know how to write it

mmmarzio: Misogyny

bianca_egarcia: exactly this

mmmarzio: Medieval misogyny

mmmarzio: Yea!

bianca_egarcia: yes

susannenyrop: Hi Humberto, at last

mmmarzio: Hi Humberto

marianaanelli: ok

susannenyrop: carhelgom also asks for an invitation, once more

hglameda: Hey you guys!

marianaanelli: hello

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mmmarzio: Who can write a question beginning with "How long"

sedaile: hi

marianaanelli: how long have you been eating

susannenyrop: How long are we going to chat?

mmmarzio: Good


mmmarzio: Good one, Sus

mmmarzio: bianca_egarcia: HOW LONG TIME HAVE YOU EVER STAY HERE?       ???????,,

marianaanelli: jajaja

bianca_egarcia: I DONT KNOW

sedaile: how long time has you been here ?

bianca_egarcia: I AM VERY BAD IN ENGLISH

marianaanelli: jajaja

mmmarzio: Begin with "How long have...   ? "

carolinalista: this class ends at 11>30

mmmarzio: Bianca, you're wonderful

marianaanelli: 11.30)))))

susannenyrop: Bianca, you manage to communicate, that's the first of all!

bianca_egarcia: NO TEACHER

bianca_egarcia: 1.  30

marianaanelli: yes bianca bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmmarzio: Bianca: Begin with "How long have... ? "

marianaanelli: i am very proud of my friend bianca

bianca_egarcia: THANKS

bianca_egarcia: I AM VERY HAPPY

sedaile: no teacher you made a mistake

mmmarzio: Hi Sedaille!

bianca_egarcia: YOU ARE A  MARIANA

sedaile: this class ends at 130

mmmarzio: Bianca: Begin with "How long have... ? "

bianca_egarcia: OK

bianca_egarcia: I[M GOING TO TRY

susannenyrop: and we do live in Europe so our time is 18:59

sedaile: sedita!

susannenyrop: hehe

mmmarzio: or Begin with "How long has... ? "

mmmarzio: Sorry Sedita!


sedaile: uuuuffff


mmmarzio: HOW LONG HAVE YOU lived in Caracas?

bianca_egarcia: OK

mmmarzio: Sus, this exercise begins with "HOW LONG HAVE "


susannenyrop: Sorry, Mike, I did not know we were doing an exercise

mmmarzio: Why did it take so long to start this group?

mmmarzio: Sorry, Sus, I should have explained


mmmarzio: oh!

mmmarzio: I get it.

sedaile: hi bianca this is like you


mmmarzio: The boring activity was very long, eh, Bianca?

bianca_egarcia: YES

susannenyrop: this is much more fun

marianaanelli: yesssssssssss

marianaanelli: looooong

marianaanelli: very long

bianca_egarcia: I LIKE IT

sedaile: yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

mmmarzio: You guys are great

sedaile: me too!!!!

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susannenyrop: what are you going to learn from this video?


mmmarzio: yes

marianaanelli: mysoginy

marianaanelli: anew word

mmmarzio: misogyny

mmmarzio: what does it mean?

marianaanelli: jajaja misogyny

sedaile: oh and you are so cute

bianca_egarcia: I  AM AGREE WITH MARIANA

mmmarzio: What does "misogyny" mean?

sedaile: hating a women

marianaanelli: to hate womens

mmmarzio: cool, Sedita

bianca_egarcia: THIS

mmmarzio: What is the plural of woman?

bianca_egarcia: WOMEN

marianaanelli: women

mmmarzio: What is the singular of women?

sedaile: thanks

bianca_egarcia: WOMAN

marianaanelli: woman

marianaanelli: my mistake sorry\

sedaile: woman

mmmarzio: Don't be sorry for grammar and spelling!

sedaile: ok

susannenyrop: I wonder why would anyone hate women in general?

carolinalista: sus, are you finished with the caht session?

sedaile: hi mariana

carolinalista: chat

mmmarzio: It's a medieval thing.

susannenyrop: Caro, for how long will you continue?

mmmarzio: Like in fundamentalist Arab countries today, there are a lot of MISOGYNISTS

marianaanelli: yes

sedaile: yes

mmmarzio: It used to be that way in Europe.

sedaile: ok

carolinalista: I have to stop around 1.25 s

sedaile: me too

marianaanelli: ?

marianaanelli: yes we have to eat

sedaile: i have to

carolinalista: they can answer worksheet 2 if you are finished with the chat

bianca_egarcia: ME TOO

sedaile: go at that time

mmmarzio: I don't like Robin. I think she's a snob and a show-off.

susannenyrop: you will still find places in Europe where women are not really counted as equals I think

marianaanelli: yes

sedaile: i said i have to go at 125

mmmarzio: but that's not the same as misogyny


mmmarzio:  I don't like Robin. I think she's a snob and a show-off.

sedaile: that is with me bianca?

bianca_egarcia: YES I THINK THE SAME

susannenyrop: Mike! I agree with you


mmmarzio: Well, Bianca, we seem to agree on everything!

susannenyrop: Caro, I can stay here for a while, your students prefer to do their exercises at home?

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mmmarzio: She said ONE funny thing, in my opinion.

bianca_egarcia: WHAT?

bianca_egarcia: THE THREE THINGS?

sedaile: yes what?

susannenyrop: this chat is getting better and better

mmmarzio: What do you hope to achieve before you die?  What was her answer??

carolinalista: thye have another class

sedaile: yes she had reason in that

marianaanelli: odl age

bianca_egarcia: I DONT REMEMBER

sedaile: old age

mmmarzio: old age - I thought that was funny

susannenyrop: I can follow her on that

sedaile: me too

susannenyrop: I do not dream of mountain climbing either

sedaile: me too

mmmarzio: Never ask a lady 3 things (I think Robin's a dope)


mmmarzio: Never ask a lady....   (for example....)

susannenyrop: OK, Caro

bianca_egarcia: WHAT-S DOPE?

marianaanelli: bye

mmmarzio: Never ask a fat lady how much she weighs

marianaanelli: nice to talk with you

Yahoo! Messenger: valx82villamediana has left the conference.

mmmarzio: A dope is an idiot

mmmarzio: In the USA

Yahoo! Messenger: marianaanelli has left the conference.

sedaile: bye bye dafne see you later!

bianca_egarcia: I-M AGREE WITH YOU AGAIN!!!!

susannenyrop: Bye bye all of you!

Yahoo! Messenger: sedaile has left the conference.

mmmarzio: Never ask a lady with big feet........................ (what)?

susannenyrop: This was a good chat

mmmarzio: I have to go too

hglameda: bye

bianca_egarcia: I HAVE TO GO

mmmarzio: bye

bianca_egarcia: BYE!!!

mmmarzio: Never ask an old lady how old she is

mmmarzio: bye!

Yahoo! Messenger: mmmarzio has left the conference.

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susannenyrop: I had a parallel chat with Carmen:

susannenyrop: susannenyrop: Hi Carmen

carhelgom: hi susan

susannenyrop: did you not get an invitation from mmmarzio?

carhelgom: im not in the big shat, i would like to recieve a conference invitation

susannenyrop: We have tried to invite you several times

carhelgom: yes i know but im quite complicated to get with

susannenyrop: Oh dear! We just managed to make HUmberto join us

carhelgom: it doesn t mean i dont like you all jejejee

susannenyrop: we're having some trouble today, sorry

susannenyrop: I like you as well

carhelgom: jejeje

susannenyrop: we're discussing the video

susannenyrop: How do you think that Robin and Jim met?

susannenyrop: and mike asks: Who can write a question beginning with "How long"

carhelgom: it was an accident or something weird, like a car crash

susannenyrop: where was that Carmen?

susannenyrop: Oh, they met in a car crash

carhelgom: in new york

susannenyrop: and why then, do you think they do not want to tell us?


susannenyrop: carhelgom: becase maybe they hated each other at the begining

susannenyrop: Interesting solution

carhelgom: and now they love each other

carhelgom: well kind of tragical

susannenyrop: Yes, they're obviously in love

susannenyrop: I suppose you're getting familiar with this way of communicating

carhelgom: but maybe with the legal problem with the crash, which was quite terrible he found this so mented smart guy

susannenyrop: Oh yes, he's a lawyer

carhelgom: i knew it but i dont recieve the invitation or rather the other way

susannenyrop: what  Robing doing

susannenyrop: what was robin doing yesterday?

carhelgom: she studied and ate lunch

carhelgom: she studied so an specific field ...medieval lyric sosososoos

susannenyrop: yes something with misogyny, men hating women

carhelgom: i didnt knew that weird sentiment existed

carhelgom: we are quite sweet people

susannenyrop: Think of the Muslim regimens

susannenyrop: they often treat women ve

susannenyrop: susannenyrop: they often treat women very badly

carhelgom: thats not fair

susannenyrop: absolutely now

susannenyrop: and it used to be like that in Medieval Europe, too

susannenyrop: I mean obsolutely NOT

susannenyrop: Carmen, Carolina is calling you to the last exercises

carhelgom: medieval time is worthy as a dark period of human being, this thing confirms is. carolina is telling us to stop the chat

susannenyrop: yes, too bad

susannenyrop: see you perhaps

susannenyrop: maybe next week

susannenyrop: bye bye Carmen


carhelgom:  buy too nice to virtually meet yo

susannenyrop: yes, this was better than nothing

susannenyrop:   I hope this works for the chatlog!!!

susannenyrop: Bye bye all

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