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Video-Chat Unit

 Chatlog about Real English Video 42

 Class 2, Section 1a 

May 7, 2003.

Moderator: Dafne Gonzalez in Spain

Participants: Architecture Students in Venezuela  

dafne_gonzalez (18:14:00): hi valexa
dafne_gonzalez (18:14:05): hi vero
vero_rodriguez83 (18:16:12): hi dafne how are you?
scvasq (18:16:16): hey
scvasq (18:16:19): hi dafne
dafne_gonzalez (18:16:22): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:16:28): hello, how are you all
valx82villamediana (18:16:32): hi dafne
dafne_gonzalez (18:16:43): is Virginia in the classroom?
valx82villamediana (18:16:54): fine thank you
dafne_gonzalez (18:17:07): have you finished with the video?
valx82villamediana (18:17:16): not yet
scvasq (18:17:38): should we finish
vero_rodriguez83 (18:17:38): yes but she has problems to connecting
dafne_gonzalez (18:17:51): I see, thanks Vero
dafne_gonzalez (18:18:12): you can finish the exercises later on your own
scvasq (18:18:21): ok
dafne_gonzalez (18:18:26): tell me about the video
dafne_gonzalez (18:18:36): did you understand it?
scvasq (18:18:49): its about a guy from oklahoma nad a girl from NYC
dafne_gonzalez (18:19:05): ok, remember their names?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:19:18): robin and jim
dafne_gonzalez (18:19:24): right
dafne_gonzalez (18:19:32): What is their relationship?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:19:50): a couple i think
dafne_gonzalez (18:19:57): married?
dafne_gonzalez (18:20:11): or boyfriend and girlfriend
valx82villamediana (18:20:21): nothey are not married
valx82villamediana (18:20:29): I think
dafne_gonzalez (18:20:29): how do you know?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:20:30): yes
vero_rodriguez83 (18:20:46): i mean they are not married
valx82villamediana (18:20:49): I am just guessing
dafne_gonzalez (18:20:51): Humberto are you here?
canelovirginia (18:25:01): hola
scvasq (18:25:03): shes back
canelovirginia (18:25:06): hi
dafne_gonzalez (18:25:22): hi Caro, I will invite them here
carolinalista (18:25:39): ok
carolinalista (18:25:50): who are you going to invite?
dafne_gonzalez (18:26:01): the ones that were with me
dafne_gonzalez (18:26:12): tell them not to open more conferences
Yahoo! Messenger (18:26:32): valx82villamediana has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (18:26:59): hi valexa
Yahoo! Messenger (18:27:02): vero_rodriguez83 has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (18:27:04): hi vero
dafne_gonzalez (18:27:08): sorry about that

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valx82villamediana (18:27:13): hi
vero_rodriguez83 (18:27:15): hi\
vero_rodriguez83 (18:27:28): what happened?
dafne_gonzalez (18:27:40):  my computer crashed
dafne_gonzalez (18:28:14): you do not need to open conferences to talk with me
dafne_gonzalez (18:28:21): just click on my name
dafne_gonzalez (18:28:34): well, lets continue with the video
valx82villamediana (18:28:43): ok
dafne_gonzalez (18:28:46): who is missing?
dafne_gonzalez (18:29:10): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:30:06): ok, tell me what does this couple do
valx82villamediana (18:30:24): he is a lawyer
dafne_gonzalez (18:30:37): right, and she?
valx82villamediana (18:31:07): I think she is a studient
dafne_gonzalez (18:31:17): and what does she stud.
valx82villamediana (18:32:02): misogyn
scvasq (18:32:03): hi
dafne_gonzalez (18:32:05): hello Silvia
scvasq (18:32:08): what happened
carolinalista (18:32:08): carmenis having problems
scvasq (18:32:18): are we changing the room___
valx82villamediana (18:32:28): yes
dafne_gonzalez (18:32:35): what room?
valx82villamediana (18:32:37): now this is the conference
dafne_gonzalez (18:32:44): yes, this is it
dafne_gonzalez (18:32:50): I opened a new one
scvasq (18:32:55): oh ok
dafne_gonzalez (18:33:13): I have invited her
scvasq (18:33:16): then i[ll close the other one
dafne_gonzalez (18:33:26): hi Carmen
carhelgom2000 (18:33:27): hello people is carmen
carolinalista (18:33:31): veronica is having problems, too
dafne_gonzalez (18:33:32): yes, please do
dafne_gonzalez (18:33:38): veronica is here
dafne_gonzalez (18:33:41): I think
carolinalista (18:33:58): binaca is ha.
scvasq (18:34:16): veronicas computer just freezed
dafne_gonzalez (18:34:24): poor 
carolinalista (18:34:33): veronica is having problems with the computer
scvasq (18:34:36): she[s changing the computer
dafne_gonzalez (18:34:43): well, while she is back lets continue
carolinalista (18:34:44): humberto is waiting for you daf
hglameda (18:34:51): hello!
dafne_gonzalez (18:35:04): hi Humberto
dafne_gonzalez (18:35:22): ok, raise your hand to know who is here
dafne_gonzalez (18:35:30): 
valx82villamediana (18:35:42): 
scvasq (18:35:44): me

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valx82villamediana (18:35:45): jejejejeje
scvasq (18:35:49): 
hglameda (18:36:02): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:36:05): fine
carolinalista (18:36:10): bianca has not bee invited
dafne_gonzalez (18:36:17): she is going with Mike
jheny_ronchetti (18:36:40): hello,i'm already here!!!
dafne_gonzalez (18:36:48): hi Jheny
dafne_gonzalez (18:37:03): I think you were with Mike, Flaviana
jheny_ronchetti (18:37:06): hi dafne 
valx82villamediana (18:37:09): hi 
dafne_gonzalez (18:37:21): Well, lets continue with the video
flaviana_carrillo (18:37:29): okis...
dafne_gonzalez (18:37:43): the boy is a lawyer and the girl a student you said
hglameda (18:37:49): hello!.
dafne_gonzalez (18:38:02): hi Humberto
dafne_gonzalez (18:38:07): hi Virginia
dafne_gonzalez (18:38:17): what does she study?
canelovirginia (18:38:18): hi dafne
valx82villamediana (18:38:27): the conference is full now
hglameda (18:38:37): how are you?
jheny_ronchetti (18:38:40): yes,we are a lot of people here
canelovirginia (18:38:43): french poetry
dafne_gonzalez (18:38:48): right
dafne_gonzalez (18:38:56): what topic?
jheny_ronchetti (18:39:17): misogyny
dafne_gonzalez (18:39:25): right Jheny
carolinalista (18:39:26): carmen is back on line, invite her please
vero_rodriguez83 (18:39:43): hii
jheny_ronchetti (18:39:55): helloooooooo
dafne_gonzalez (18:39:57): done
scvasq (18:40:01): yes there is a lot of people
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:07): what does it mean?
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:14): misogyny
vero_rodriguez83 (18:40:16): i had problems with the computer
vero_rodriguez83 (18:40:20): sorry
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:22): sorry, Vero
jheny_ronchetti (18:40:35): to hate women.....
canelovirginia (18:40:36): explain me please in others words 
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:37): I also had problems
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:44): yes, hatred of women
scvasq (18:40:53): misognyny> hatred of women 
hglameda (18:40:57): what is going on here?
dafne_gonzalez (18:40:59): how did this couple meet?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:41:09): we dont know

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canelovirginia (18:41:10): thanks
scvasq (18:41:10): thye dont say how
valx82villamediana (18:41:11): we do not know
dafne_gonzalez (18:41:12): we are talking about the video Humberto
jheny_ronchetti (18:41:15): they did'nt tell us
dafne_gonzalez (18:41:21): what?
scvasq (18:41:41): they just said that the[ve known each other for 4 years
hglameda (18:41:41): they did not tell
dafne_gonzalez (18:41:43): what were you not told, Humberto
hglameda (18:42:06): right.... thanks
dafne_gonzalez (18:42:17): yes, but some people think they are more than friends
scvasq (18:42:33): they seems to be a couple
flaviana_carrillo (18:42:40): they didt'n say how they met
hglameda (18:42:41): no.... on the video
valx82villamediana (18:42:45): I think that too
jheny_ronchetti (18:42:46): yes, i think the same
dafne_gonzalez (18:42:48): why
flaviana_carrillo (18:42:57): yea
dafne_gonzalez (18:42:58): why do you think they do not say it
scvasq (18:43:06): because they[re hugging and stuff
flaviana_carrillo (18:43:12): because it's strange
hglameda (18:43:12): the couple did not tell how do they meet
scvasq (18:43:17): and they talk in a sweet way
dafne_gonzalez (18:43:20): why Humberto
dafne_gonzalez (18:43:35): right, Silvia
dafne_gonzalez (18:43:52): why do you think they do not say how they met
vero_rodriguez83 (18:43:54): hi again
dafne_gonzalez (18:44:01): wb, Virginia
scvasq (18:44:03): it[s privacy
flaviana_carrillo (18:44:08): because it was strange
scvasq (18:44:13): maybe they don[t want everybody to know that
dafne_gonzalez (18:44:13): right flaviana
vero_rodriguez83 (18:44:15): because it was strange
jheny_ronchetti (18:44:18): i don't know.......
canelovirginia (18:44:18): i am here
dafne_gonzalez (18:44:25): how do you think they could have met?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:44:25): and bizarre
flaviana_carrillo (18:44:26): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:44:29): lol
dafne_gonzalez (18:44:56): in a chat room?
hglameda (18:45:06): they said how long the met and that it was strange or by chance, i think
flaviana_carrillo (18:45:08): mmm.... no idea
valx82villamediana (18:45:09): mmmm 
vero_rodriguez83 (18:45:10): i dont tihnk so
scvasq (18:45:10): maybe in school
dafne_gonzalez (18:45:13): how strange could it be?
flaviana_carrillo (18:45:23): maybe in a trip or something like that
jheny_ronchetti (18:45:24): maybe in an unusual situation
dafne_gonzalez (18:45:24): that they do not want to say it
flaviana_carrillo (18:45:26): in a coffee
valx82villamediana (18:45:34): I think they met in a cab
scvasq (18:45:38): right
valx82villamediana (18:45:41): in New York
dafne_gonzalez (18:45:42): in a cab?
scvasq (18:45:44): cute
valx82villamediana (18:45:44): taxi
canelovirginia (18:45:46): right
flaviana_carrillo (18:45:50): in a cab? what's it?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:45:51): ah ok
jheny_ronchetti (18:45:51): hahahahah
dafne_gonzalez (18:45:52): yes, but why?
valx82villamediana (18:46:10): sorry I don't know why I said cab
dafne_gonzalez (18:46:28): is the interviewer satisfied with their not wanting to say how they met
scvasq (18:46:32): maybe
jheny_ronchetti (18:46:37): what are you thinking valexa????
scvasq (18:46:37): she quit school
flaviana_carrillo (18:46:41): aaaaa okey....
scvasq (18:46:46): and he graduated
hglameda (18:46:46): i don't, know... they don't say it
canelovirginia (18:46:50): yes
dafne_gonzalez (18:46:53): right
flaviana_carrillo (18:46:59): and what you wanted to ssay?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:47:15): i cant imagine
scvasq (18:47:33): kjh;j
scvasq (18:47:37): oops
dafne_gonzalez (18:47:39): what did the interviewer say when they did not answer his question?
scvasq (18:47:44): wrong type
dafne_gonzalez (18:47:44): lol
scvasq (18:47:48): sorry guys
dafne_gonzalez (18:47:48): say
flaviana_carrillo (18:47:49): fair enough
jheny_ronchetti (18:47:53): fair enought
canelovirginia (18:47:54): ok
dafne_gonzalez (18:47:57): meaning what?
scvasq (18:48:13): that [s ok
jheny_ronchetti (18:48:26): that it was ok, and they did't have to tell him 
flaviana_carrillo (18:48:28): okis.... that was wnough.... if you don't want to say you don't have to
dafne_gonzalez (18:48:29): right, Silvia
scvasq (18:48:36): he doenst mind if they dont answer the question
dafne_gonzalez (18:48:43): that's it, Flaviana
vero_rodriguez83 (18:48:50): that he wouldnt ask that
dafne_gonzalez (18:48:56): yes, Jheny
canelovirginia (18:49:00): they not answer
dafne_gonzalez (18:49:14): what are 3 things you do not have to ask a women according to the girl
scvasq (18:49:26): birthdate,
scvasq (18:49:29): shoe size
dafne_gonzalez (18:49:30): yes
dafne_gonzalez (18:49:32): yes
scvasq (18:49:32): and
canelovirginia (18:49:32): not really
valx82villamediana (18:49:35): weight
jheny_ronchetti (18:49:37): her weight, her birth date and her shor size
dafne_gonzalez (18:49:43): right
flaviana_carrillo (18:49:44): weight, birth date and shoe size
jheny_ronchetti (18:49:45): sorry, shoe
vero_rodriguez83 (18:49:49): her weight, her birth date and her shoe size
dafne_gonzalez (18:49:49): do you agree with that?
canelovirginia (18:49:51): for now its ok
valx82villamediana (18:49:56): yes
flaviana_carrillo (18:49:59): yeeeeee
dafne_gonzalez (18:50:00): lol
hglameda (18:50:01): her birth date, her shoe size and her 
vero_rodriguez83 (18:50:04): no
dafne_gonzalez (18:50:11): no, Vero, why?
flaviana_carrillo (18:50:16): why not?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:50:23): i think the shoe size was stupid
valx82villamediana (18:50:29): now we don't care about the birthdate but later we will
scvasq (18:50:31): why not
dafne_gonzalez (18:50:33): maybe her feet are too big
dafne_gonzalez (18:50:41): 45
flaviana_carrillo (18:50:42): ajaaaaaa
vero_rodriguez83 (18:50:44): i dont know what is the problem with that
canelovirginia (18:50:50): i agred with vero
flaviana_carrillo (18:50:51): jejejeje i can't imagine it
jheny_ronchetti (18:50:58): me too
dafne_gonzalez (18:51:03): maybe for her, it is
hglameda (18:51:05): je je je 
canelovirginia (18:51:14): yes
scvasq (18:51:15): maybe she[s fat
valx82villamediana (18:51:19): and for everybody
hglameda (18:51:20): maybe you are right
scvasq (18:51:23): and she complains
canelovirginia (18:51:24): jejeje
dafne_gonzalez (18:51:26): did you see her fat?
canelovirginia (18:51:31): no
flaviana_carrillo (18:51:38): no....
valx82villamediana (18:51:38): maybe 
scvasq (18:51:40): not really
canelovirginia (18:51:44): maybe old
scvasq (18:51:50): i think she doesnt have anything to hide
valx82villamediana (18:51:54): I couldn't saw her body
vero_rodriguez83 (18:51:56): me neither
dafne_gonzalez (18:51:59): or he is too much older than she is
canelovirginia (18:52:09): no
flaviana_carrillo (18:52:10): maybe....
scvasq (18:52:15): probably
canelovirginia (18:52:20): no much\
carolinalista (18:52:20): jhenys computer went down
dafne_gonzalez (18:52:29): Well, you know, for next week
vero_rodriguez83 (18:52:35): yes she is crying
vero_rodriguez83 (18:52:39): jejeje
flaviana_carrillo (18:52:39): aja.... tell us
dafne_gonzalez (18:52:41): you have to write a story about this couple
canelovirginia (18:52:44): jeje
dafne_gonzalez (18:52:52): in pairs
scvasq (18:52:54): whos crying___
flaviana_carrillo (18:52:59): but, homework?
dafne_gonzalez (18:53:02): 
hglameda (18:53:05): now?
dafne_gonzalez (18:53:08): yes, homework
scvasq (18:53:08): lol
scvasq (18:53:10): now she is
flaviana_carrillo (18:53:12): jejeje
canelovirginia (18:53:13): why
flaviana_carrillo (18:53:14): lol
dafne_gonzalez (18:53:24): ok, let me tell you
hglameda (18:53:29): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:53:35): you get in pairs and write a story about this couple
flaviana_carrillo (18:53:36): a story like what?
canelovirginia (18:53:38): jejeje
scvasq (18:53:38): 
carolinalista (18:53:42): daf, please send the url for worksheet2
flaviana_carrillo (18:53:44): how they met
dafne_gonzalez (18:53:52): just a sec Caro
scvasq (18:53:56): what
scvasq (18:54:01): i don[t understand 
canelovirginia (18:54:08): me too
scvasq (18:54:10): we gotta do an essay___
vero_rodriguez83 (18:54:20): really?
vero_rodriguez83 (18:54:23): no
dafne_gonzalez (18:54:28): 
scvasq (18:54:31): i[m asking guys dont get scare
flaviana_carrillo (18:54:32): yaeh, but a story of how they met?
scvasq (18:54:49): how long
dafne_gonzalez (18:54:50): this is a fun story what you have to write
hglameda (18:54:51): which onein specifically the topic?
canelovirginia (18:54:59): yea
dafne_gonzalez (18:55:01): this couple
dafne_gonzalez (18:55:06): a story about them
dafne_gonzalez (18:55:10): how they met
scvasq (18:55:10): stop
scvasq (18:55:14): carolina is taling
flaviana_carrillo (18:55:16): okis
vero_rodriguez83 (18:55:18): yes
hglameda (18:55:19): we just have to make it out
scvasq (18:55:22): wait dont write too much
dafne_gonzalez (18:55:38): you can see the page with the instructions
dafne_gonzalez (18:56:00): 
dafne_gonzalez (18:56:06): look for class 2
dafne_gonzalez (18:56:13): and you will see there what you have to do
dafne_gonzalez (18:56:46): right, Humberto, you only need to make up a story
hglameda (18:57:03): ok
vero_rodriguez83 (18:57:04): ooohh
dafne_gonzalez (18:57:25): I am especially interested on how they met
Yahoo! Messenger (18:57:26): jheny_ronchetti has joined the conference.
hglameda (18:57:28): that's for next class?
canelovirginia (18:57:28): vero
scvasq (18:57:32): teacher what[s your email
dafne_gonzalez (18:57:40): yes, you have to bring it to class
jheny_ronchetti (18:57:44): i'm back!!!!!
canelovirginia (18:57:50): yes
vero_rodriguez83 (18:57:51): hiiiiiiiii
valx82villamediana (18:57:52): hello again jheny
dafne_gonzalez (18:57:57):
jheny_ronchetti (18:57:58): thanks
dafne_gonzalez (18:58:04): he Jheny
dafne_gonzalez (18:58:24): if you have questions, call in me in YM
jheny_ronchetti (18:58:30): what do we have to bring? the essay??
flaviana_carrillo (18:58:32): aaaaa
dafne_gonzalez (18:58:37): it is not an essay
dafne_gonzalez (18:58:42): it is a story
vero_rodriguez83 (18:58:45): yes i see
jheny_ronchetti (18:58:49): the composition??
flaviana_carrillo (18:58:52): no... too expensive... we better write an email
dafne_gonzalez (18:58:56): it is not a composition
vero_rodriguez83 (18:58:57): two paragraphs , right?
jheny_ronchetti (18:59:01): ok
valx82villamediana (18:59:02): jajajjaa
vero_rodriguez83 (18:59:14): a short story
canelovirginia (18:59:16): small
dafne_gonzalez (18:59:17): I don't care about length, but look at the rubric
flaviana_carrillo (18:59:27): how long does it have to be_
jheny_ronchetti (18:59:28): a short story in two paragraphs??
flaviana_carrillo (18:59:29): ?
dafne_gonzalez (18:59:30): and see what the story should have
dafne_gonzalez (18:59:39): and how it will be corrected
dafne_gonzalez (18:59:52): it is all on the web page
vero_rodriguez83 (18:59:54): ok
dafne_gonzalez (18:59:55): 
dafne_gonzalez (19:00:11): look for Rubric
dafne_gonzalez (19:00:14): and you will see
canelovirginia (19:00:39): dafne we can see the video again
dafne_gonzalez (19:00:44): sure
hglameda (19:00:55): i'm sorry...and the rubric is what for?
canelovirginia (19:00:58): in this page
dafne_gonzalez (19:01:08): and you have to complete worksheet 2
scvasq (19:01:12): yeah what[s rubric
dafne_gonzalez (19:01:20): the rubric has the criteria for grading
scvasq (19:01:34): what worksheet\
flaviana_carrillo (19:01:36): okis... i'm already doing the worksheet
flaviana_carrillo (19:01:38): 2
scvasq (19:01:39): the one we were making___
dafne_gonzalez (19:01:48): the rubric is here, if you want to see it now
scvasq (19:01:49): i[m asking
dafne_gonzalez (19:01:50): 
vero_rodriguez83 (19:01:52): im reading it now
canelovirginia (19:02:10): where
jheny_ronchetti (19:02:10): i don't understand a word!!!!
scvasq (19:02:23): i[m confused
dafne_gonzalez (19:02:26): Jheny go to the page and look for class 2
dafne_gonzalez (19:02:41): there you will see all the activities and the work for class 2
dafne_gonzalez (19:02:58): and the links to everything you need to know and do
dafne_gonzalez (19:03:19): on this page: 
hglameda (19:03:33): `the rubric is the criteria that you will use to evaluate our essay?
dafne_gonzalez (19:03:38): right

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dafne_gonzalez (19:03:55): it is not an essay Humberto
jheny_ronchetti (19:03:55): ok, i got it
scvasq (19:04:04): is that for the story
hglameda (19:04:05): and the worksheet is for...?
dafne_gonzalez (19:04:18): to evaluate the video and the exercises
vero_rodriguez83 (19:04:18): what?
scvasq (19:04:22): what worksheet
dafne_gonzalez (19:04:28): worksheet 2
dafne_gonzalez (19:04:55): it is here, Silvia 
valx82villamediana (19:06:07): bye
vero_rodriguez83 (19:06:08): byeeeeeee
dafne_gonzalez (19:06:21): bye, folks, nice chatting with you
canelovirginia (19:06:22): bye dafne
jheny_ronchetti (19:06:24): we have to go now, so bye bye......
hglameda (19:06:31): byebyeybeybyebye
dafne_gonzalez (19:06:35): bye, take care
jheny_ronchetti (19:06:43): the same to you
canelovirginia (19:06:44): you too
jheny_ronchetti (19:06:47): thanks
dafne_gonzalez (19:06:55): call me or write me if you have questions
hglameda (19:06:56): see you soon
Yahoo! Messenger (19:06:59): jheny_ronchetti has left the conference.
scvasq (19:07:00): bye
canelovirginia (19:07:09): ok
dafne_gonzalez (19:07:12): bye silvia
Yahoo! Messenger (19:07:26): vero_rodriguez83 has left the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (19:07:30): bye Virginia
Yahoo! Messenger (19:07:47): valx82villamediana has left the conference.
canelovirginia (19:07:48): bye
dafne_gonzalez (19:07:57): 
flaviana_carrillo (19:08:24): bye everybody
dafne_gonzalez (19:08:31): bye Flaviana
dafne_gonzalez (19:08:36): nice talking to you
hglameda (19:08:58): 
flaviana_carrillo (19:08:59): dafne, i already answered the worksheet2
dafne_gonzalez (19:09:04): great, Flavi
dafne_gonzalez (19:09:14): Humberto why do you cry?
flaviana_carrillo (19:09:17): what else i have to do?
dafne_gonzalez (19:09:26): the story for next week
flaviana_carrillo (19:09:32): okidoki
flaviana_carrillo (19:09:40): nothing else for today
dafne_gonzalez (19:09:43): if you have completed all for last week
hglameda (19:09:59): because that's all for today
flaviana_carrillo (19:10:09): jejeje
Yahoo! Messenger (19:10:17): canelovirginia has left the conference.
flaviana_carrillo (19:10:18): well bye a got to go
dafne_gonzalez (19:10:22): if you check on the page, you will see if you have done it all
dafne_gonzalez (19:10:28): bye Flaviana
flaviana_carrillo (19:10:48): hey.... which page dafne?
dafne_gonzalez (19:10:54): the unit page
dafne_gonzalez (19:11:03): 
flaviana_carrillo (19:11:10): mmm.... and where do i find it?
dafne_gonzalez (19:11:15): it is there
dafne_gonzalez (19:11:27): you pictures are there too
flaviana_carrillo (19:11:50): aaa okis... the rubric is not an excersice
dafne_gonzalez (19:11:55): no
dafne_gonzalez (19:12:07): it is the criteria to evaluate your story
flaviana_carrillo (19:12:10): okis.... so that's all
flaviana_carrillo (19:12:14): so i leave
dafne_gonzalez (19:12:21): ok, take care
flaviana_carrillo (19:12:23): jeje bye again
flaviana_carrillo (19:12:30): you too dafne
dafne_gonzalez (19:12:30): 

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