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Videochat Unit 

Video 43

Chatlog 1, Section 2a

April 30, 2003   

This chat started as a whole group meeting, then Mike and Sus stayed with their groups here, and Dafne went with another group of students to another conference window.

mmmarzio (13:58:57): Hi again Caro
dafne_gonzalez (13:58:58): hi there everybody
carolinalista (13:59:16): let[s wait a few mimutes
mmmarzio (13:59:20): Marco is on YM
dafne_gonzalez (13:59:23): 
mmmarzio (13:59:25): anf lil
mmmarzio (13:59:30): add Lil
dafne_gonzalez (13:59:32): I am inviting them
Yahoo! Messenger (14:00:07): apsarasb has joined the conference.
Yahoo! Messenger (14:00:12): mani_smile2002 has joined the conference.
apsarasb (14:00:13): hi dafne
Yahoo! Messenger (14:00:29): marcofb65 has joined the conference.
mani_smile2002 (14:00:31): hello every one
dafne_gonzalez (14:00:31): hi, how are you
mmmarzio (14:00:31): Hi Apsa Hi Mani
mani_smile2002 (14:00:38): hi
apsarasb (14:00:46): hi michael
dafne_gonzalez (14:00:48): 
mani_smile2002 (14:00:49): fine 
mmmarzio (14:00:57): Good, me too
Yahoo! Messenger (14:00:57): susannenyrop has joined the conference.
mmmarzio (14:01:02): Hi Sus
dafne_gonzalez (14:01:06): hi Sus
marcofb65 (14:01:12): hiya, how is everybody
susannenyrop (14:01:13): Hello, this is me, Sus from Denmark
dafne_gonzalez (14:01:21): I find some people as not available
mmmarzio (14:01:25): We're fine - How are you Marco?
marcofb65 (14:01:46): I-m fine
dafne_gonzalez (14:01:50): I just got Patricia´'s pic, I will add it to the gallery later
mmmarzio (14:01:56): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:02:06): how is the weather in Caracas?
mani_smile2002 (14:02:17): just fine 
dafne_gonzalez (14:02:23): sunny and hot?
mmmarzio (14:02:27): It's raining here in Sunny Provence
mani_smile2002 (14:02:27): a lot of heat weather
mmmarzio (14:02:53): hot weather
apsarasb (14:03:15): yes like 30 degrees
dafne_gonzalez (14:03:23): it is sunny and windy in Valencia, 22 degrees
apsarasb (14:03:25): we are melting
mmmarzio (14:03:25): Sorry, mani, those are my English teacher instincts
susannenyrop (14:03:38): We do have sunshine and spring here in Denmark. But it is not hot, very comfortable to be outdoor - around 14 degrees I think
mani_smile2002 (14:03:45): jajajjaj dont worry thats ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:04:11): 
mmmarzio (14:04:49): brb
carolinalista (14:04:49): daf, students are going to start working with the video 
susannenyrop (14:04:53): Oh, did you prepare a gallery of students, Dafne?
dafne_gonzalez (14:05:00): yes, Sus
Yahoo! Messenger (14:05:00): lilixbadgirl has joined the conference.
Yahoo! Messenger (14:05:01): maricarmen_santoro has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:05:05): you will see their pics
lilixbadgirl (14:05:16): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:05:19): yes, you can start working with the videos
susannenyrop (14:05:37): great Carolina, then you will get back to us I suppose
dafne_gonzalez (14:05:43): Carolina, use the hard copy of the worksheet
maricarmen_santoro (14:05:52): ok
carolinalista (14:06:05): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:06:06): and then they can use it to fill in the interactive form i put up online
mmmarzio (14:06:46): i'm back
Yahoo! Messenger (14:06:49): palberi has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:06:50): after you have finished with the video,....
Yahoo! Messenger (14:06:51): amhef2002 has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:06): you will come back and we will split into groups
mmmarzio (14:07:06): Hi Lil Hi Mariacarmen
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:17): hello, welcome all
Yahoo! Messenger (14:07:18): krola979 has joined the conference.
lilixbadgirl (14:07:28): hi!
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:37): ni Lili
susannenyrop (14:07:40): What a lot of students and teachers in the same chat room!
dafne_gonzalez (14:07:47): yes, isn't it great
mmmarzio (14:07:52): This is great
mani_smile2002 (14:07:56): yes its great
susannenyrop (14:08:00): Pretty exciting
lilixbadgirl (14:08:09): a lot! quiet different
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:13): this is the page where you have the activities
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:15):
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:21): and your pics
susannenyrop (14:08:23): I hope to hear more once you have studied the videos!
palberi (14:08:27): hi i am Palberi but I did not received the invitation from Susan yet
maricarmen_santoro (14:08:30): yes its great
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:37): Susan is here
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:39): with us
dafne_gonzalez (14:08:53): Susanne, sorry dear
dafne_gonzalez (14:09:07): we are all together now
susannenyrop (14:09:14): I'm right here, just call me Sus 
dafne_gonzalez (14:09:21): we will be in groups after you finish with the video
mani_smile2002 (14:09:21): hi mmmarzio jajaj can see your face
dafne_gonzalez (14:09:35): call him Mike
susannenyrop (14:09:54): My webcam is open, too
dafne_gonzalez (14:09:54): you will see mine next week, I am faceless now
dafne_gonzalez (14:10:05): only my pic
dafne_gonzalez (14:10:47): are you ready to start working with the video?
mmmarzio (14:11:45): I am
dafne_gonzalez (14:11:57): you know it by hear, Mike 
dafne_gonzalez (14:12:01): heart
marcofb65 (14:12:04): we almost are
mmmarzio (14:12:04): Only kidding
dafne_gonzalez (14:12:19): great
dafne_gonzalez (14:13:05): Sus did you get the mail I sent last night?
marcofb65 (14:13:05): we are just starting to watch the no sound video
dafne_gonzalez (14:13:11): good
palberi (14:13:53): Dafne i sent you my picture in the morning, do you received it?
dafne_gonzalez (14:14:28): yes, Patricia, I got it
dafne_gonzalez (14:14:35): I will be on the page this afternoon
dafne_gonzalez (14:14:37): it
dafne_gonzalez (14:15:02): I need to resize it
mmmarzio (14:18:34): That's a long video to watch WITHOUT SOUND
dafne_gonzalez (14:18:42): yes
susannenyrop (14:19:30): Hi, I'm, back
dafne_gonzalez (14:19:36): wb, Sus
susannenyrop (14:20:16): I tried to open my webcam, but it made a mess. 
dafne_gonzalez (14:20:25): that's why I am not using mine
dafne_gonzalez (14:20:45): I will next week 
dafne_gonzalez (14:23:36): Sus did you see the worksheet?
susannenyrop (14:23:44): yes, I did
dafne_gonzalez (14:24:09): were you able to open it?
susannenyrop (14:24:09): and I think I will make a hard copy on paper, too
mmmarzio (14:24:14): You can use "my" server for "homepages" if you don't want to use tripod et al. at any point
susannenyrop (14:24:22): oh yes, it looks perfect
dafne_gonzalez (14:24:36): thanks
susannenyrop (14:24:39): I think response-o-matic is good
mmmarzio (14:24:47): I agree
dafne_gonzalez (14:24:48): yes, it is
carolinalista (14:24:56): daf i am here
dafne_gonzalez (14:25:02): hi Caro
susannenyrop (14:25:05): Hi Caro!
dafne_gonzalez (14:25:09): how are the kids doing?
susannenyrop (14:25:50): what I would like to have is the updated file with Yahoo ids
mmmarzio (14:26:02): right now?
susannenyrop (14:26:06): it is not so easy to figure out who's who
carolinalista (14:26:25): i lost the connection
dafne_gonzalez (14:26:25): wb, CAro
susannenyrop (14:26:34): well, just if it exists -an updated list of Yahoo IDs?
mmmarzio (14:26:35): WB, Caro
dafne_gonzalez (14:26:48): Caro, how are the kids doing?
carolinalista (14:26:51): students are working on the vidoe activities usig worksheet
dafne_gonzalez (14:26:57): great
carolinalista (14:27:11): at what time do you want to start the chats
dafne_gonzalez (14:27:12): then they use it to complete the form online
dafne_gonzalez (14:27:21): as soon as they finish with the video
dafne_gonzalez (14:27:45): as they finish they can start coming here
carolinalista (14:27:51): i will let you know
dafne_gonzalez (14:28:04): or if they have a question, they can ask it here
carolinalista (14:28:09): are you going to divide them into groups?
dafne_gonzalez (14:28:13): yes
carolinalista (14:28:20): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:28:26): how many students do you have now?
mmmarzio (14:28:52): i see 7 from my end
dafne_gonzalez (14:29:20): but there should be more in the classroom, I think
susannenyrop (14:29:23): I have just counted 8 students
mmmarzio (14:29:36): hmm
dafne_gonzalez (14:29:38): yes, 8
mmmarzio (14:29:58): I'm out of touch with 2
dafne_gonzalez (14:29:59): and there is one who did not accept the invitation, so, at least 9
susannenyrop (14:30:06): so now I am trying to dechipher who's who
susannenyrop (14:30:22): do they have one computer for each student?
dafne_gonzalez (14:30:25): yes
carolinalista (14:30:35): daaf there are 12 students, only 1 missing
dafne_gonzalez (14:30:40): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:30:59): so we are missing 4 here
carolinalista (14:31:01): virginia is not here
dafne_gonzalez (14:31:16): so, we will take 4 each
mmmarzio (14:31:17): I only have krola, lilian, marco, maria, & patricia
mmmarzio (14:31:58): I only "see" 5 students
dafne_gonzalez (14:32:40): I do not have the list of Students here
dafne_gonzalez (14:32:46): need to get it
susannenyrop (14:32:56): who is mani_smile?
susannenyrop (14:33:31): one is called mani_smile2000
dafne_gonzalez (14:33:55): Marianne
susannenyrop (14:34:03): I see
marcofb65 (14:34:23): carolina went out to the bathroom for a minute. I-ll tell her to give you the list
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:30): I am printing the page with names
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:38): and ID's
dafne_gonzalez (14:34:44): thanks Marco
susannenyrop (14:34:46): thank you, Marco
susannenyrop (14:35:03): I copied the list on paper!
carolinalista (14:35:27): do youi want the names of the students?
dafne_gonzalez (14:35:33): I have them
dafne_gonzalez (14:35:45): I just printed the page you sent
susannenyrop (14:35:52): I have got the eight ones here in the conference OK
dafne_gonzalez (14:37:41): Valentina is now online
susannenyrop (14:37:49): Daf, where's the URL for this session, can I have it here? That would be easy for me
dafne_gonzalez (14:38:00):
susannenyrop (14:38:10): thx
Yahoo! Messenger (14:38:38): valentina_armas has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:38:55): hi Valentina, welcome
mmmarzio (14:39:08): Hi Valentina
valentina_armas (14:39:12): hi thanks
Yahoo! Messenger (14:39:15): marialejandrausb has joined the conference.
mmmarzio (14:39:19): brb
Yahoo! Messenger (14:39:20): marialejandrausb has left the conference.
Yahoo! Messenger (14:39:21): marialejandrausb has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:39:33): Thanks, but no thanks.
Yahoo! Messenger (14:40:00): apsarasb has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:05): welcome back
apsarasb (14:40:13): hello again
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:18): VAlentina, are you watching the video?
carolinalista (14:40:34): can you invite marialejandra again?
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:40): ok
dafne_gonzalez (14:40:52): done
Yahoo! Messenger (14:40:56): marialejandrausb has joined the conference.
dafne_gonzalez (14:41:03): hi Maria Alejandra
mmmarzio (14:41:11): Hi Maria
apsarasb (14:41:14): hi maria alejandra
dafne_gonzalez (14:41:54): Mike would you like to start working with the first students who finish the video?
susannenyrop (14:42:00): Hi, Maria Alejandra and Apsara
mmmarzio (14:42:01): Sure
dafne_gonzalez (14:42:14): ok
apsarasb (14:42:21): hi sussanne
marialejandrausb (14:42:45): HI Dafne, i am doing the exercises and washing the video, we will talk later.
dafne_gonzalez (14:42:47): Are you with the videos now
dafne_gonzalez (14:42:53): fine, Maria A.
mani_smile2002 (14:43:03): hi I just finished my activity 
dafne_gonzalez (14:43:20): that was fast Marianne
mani_smile2002 (14:43:37): jajajaja thanks
apsarasb (14:43:40): i finished the activities too
mmmarzio (14:43:49): mani_smile = Marianne?
dafne_gonzalez (14:43:57): yes
dafne_gonzalez (14:44:02): I think so
mani_smile2002 (14:44:04): so carolina told me you will tell me what to do nezt
susannenyrop (14:44:09): I need a break, brb
mani_smile2002 (14:44:22): yes thats correct marianne is mani
dafne_gonzalez (14:44:28): yes, would you like to start chatting with Mike now...
mani_smile2002 (14:44:35): next sorry

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mmmarzio (14:44:46): Can I ask a question - for the students who have completed first activity?
dafne_gonzalez (14:44:47): or would you rather wait for someone else to finish
mani_smile2002 (14:44:56): sure what
dafne_gonzalez (14:44:57): sure
mmmarzio (14:45:32): Did you get ANY idea at all aboit anything - from watching a video with no sound?
mani_smile2002 (14:45:33): what is it marzio
marcofb65 (14:45:47): i-m done
dafne_gonzalez (14:45:50): Marzio is Mike's last name
mani_smile2002 (14:46:01): ah ok sorry 
carolinalista (14:46:11): daf, marianne,patricia,marco and apsara are finished
palberi (14:46:12): I finished with the video
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:13): Mike why don't you open a new conference and invite Marianne and Marco
mmmarzio (14:46:15): That's OK - it's also a first name (in Italy).
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:21): and Patricia
mmmarzio (14:46:22): ok
amhef2002 (14:46:37): I am ready
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:50): anad Amelia too
palberi (14:46:52): i am here
dafne_gonzalez (14:46:59): that will be your group, Mike
dafne_gonzalez (14:47:15): Marianne, Marco, Patricia and Amelia
mmmarzio (14:47:17): I'm sorry - I can't remember how to open NEW conf
apsarasb (14:47:27): i am done too
dafne_gonzalez (14:47:27): go to YM main window
mmmarzio (14:47:32): yes
dafne_gonzalez (14:47:37): and invite to conference
dafne_gonzalez (14:47:45): a new window will open
dafne_gonzalez (14:48:44): and when Mike invite you (Marianne, Marco, Patricia, Amelia) accept the invitation
mani_smile2002 (14:48:59): sure
dafne_gonzalez (14:49:04): ok
susannenyrop (14:49:12): I'm back 
dafne_gonzalez (14:49:18): wb, Sus
dafne_gonzalez (14:49:28): Mike has his group
susannenyrop (14:49:35): yes
dafne_gonzalez (14:49:48): has Mike opened the new conference?
carolinalista (14:49:50): liliana has just finished i told her tto wait for another group
dafne_gonzalez (14:50:05): ok, she will be with Sus
carolinalista (14:50:05): valentina is also finished
mani_smile2002 (14:50:09): no I havent recive anything yet
dafne_gonzalez (14:50:26): he is fighting with the new window
apsarasb (14:50:33): i havent recieved any invitation from michael
mani_smile2002 (14:50:36): ok
susannenyrop (14:50:37): I will invite valentina and liliana, then
carolinalista (14:50:42): adriana is finished too
dafne_gonzalez (14:50:43): yes, Sus
amhef2002 (14:50:52): I havent recived anyhing
dafne_gonzalez (14:50:59): Valentina, Iliana, and Adriana
mani_smile2002 (14:51:40): mchael \i havent recived any invitation
krola979 (14:51:40): I finish
dafne_gonzalez (14:51:55): ok, Carolina will go with Sus too
mmmarzio (14:52:06): yes - just trying to invite all u said
maricarmen_santoro (14:52:12): i finish
mani_smile2002 (14:52:19): oh ok Ill just wait
dafne_gonzalez (14:52:21): Valentina, Iliana, Adriana, and Carolina with Sus
dafne_gonzalez (14:52:36): Maricarmen will be with me
apsarasb (14:52:44): nobody invites me
mani_smile2002 (14:52:54): wait apsara
susannenyrop (14:52:55): who's Adriana?
mani_smile2002 (14:53:06): he is trying to invite us
susannenyrop (14:53:07): I need to add all of you to my list before I can invite
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:08): adryp
valentina_armas (14:53:13): she is loging in right now
susannenyrop (14:53:14): ok
maricarmen_santoro (14:53:24): ok 
amhef2002 (14:53:32): i am waiting for the invitation
dafne_gonzalez (14:53:34): Sus, you can stay here, and I will open a new window
dafne_gonzalez (14:54:04): with my group
susannenyrop (14:54:07): OK
marialejandrausb (14:54:09): OK, I m finished
susannenyrop (14:54:17): I was just about to invite
mmmarzio (14:54:23): Daf - please join my conf and invite the correct students
dafne_gonzalez (14:54:36): ok just a sec
dafne_gonzalez (14:54:40): brb here
susannenyrop (14:54:41): but now, freinds OUR group will stay in this room 
apsarasb (14:54:41): please sombody invite me
dafne_gonzalez (14:54:59): wait apsara, you wiill be invited
valentina_armas (14:55:13): i dont have to have a new window
amhef2002 (14:55:21): I am going to cry... Nobody wants to invite me...
mani_smile2002 (14:55:23): ok I will be waiting too
marialejandrausb (14:55:26): aspsara i invite you, dont be afraid
susannenyrop (14:55:29): all those who o not get an invitation, stay here with me, then
susannenyrop (14:55:42): I'll take well care of you, friends 
apsarasb (14:55:56): thanks
susannenyrop (14:56:03): this will always cause a little confusion.
apsarasb (14:56:03): 
mani_smile2002 (14:56:06): jajajaja thaks
susannenyrop (14:56:27): but we're ready to manage all kinds of chaos, right?
mani_smile2002 (14:56:41): ok just a question who will I be working with
mani_smile2002 (14:57:02): i was supossed to be with michael
valentina_armas (14:57:02): i dont understand anything
susannenyrop (14:57:07): I wonder where to begin with our discussion?
krola979 (14:57:12): hi sus
lilixbadgirl (14:57:20): let me see if I understood... the group with susanne it is going to chat here?
maricarmen_santoro (14:57:24): now what do i do?i dont undestand
susannenyrop (14:57:25): Please Valentina, do not despair! HiCarolina
marialejandrausb (14:57:26): nobody talk to me
susannenyrop (14:57:40): Yes, this is Susanne and her chatful fellows
apsarasb (14:57:44): hi maria alejandra
lilixbadgirl (14:57:49): ok!
apsarasb (14:57:50): 
susannenyrop (14:57:56): marialejandra, I am talking to all of you 
lilixbadgirl (14:58:00): Hi then...
mani_smile2002 (14:58:01): what happened apsara
marialejandrausb (14:58:12): DAFNE, Please remember i already finish
amhef2002 (14:58:13): Mike, are you there I am waiting for your invitation dont forget me
susannenyrop (14:58:13): how many of us are now here?
carolinalista (14:58:13): marianne wnat to know who are they going to talk to?
maricarmen_santoro (14:58:21): please Dafne help me
apsarasb (14:58:25): nobody invites me i am sad
mani_smile2002 (14:58:27): who will I be working with 
dafne_gonzalez (14:58:31): maricarmen you are with me
krola979 (14:58:33): where are you from, sus?
dafne_gonzalez (14:58:36): I am inviting you
valentina_armas (14:58:37): im in your group
valentina_armas (14:58:45): susan
mani_smile2002 (14:58:46): who
mani_smile2002 (14:58:48): me
susannenyrop (14:58:51): if you don't know, then just feel free to stay here
susannenyrop (14:59:01): Great, Valentina
mani_smile2002 (14:59:02): ok thanks susan 
lilixbadgirl (14:59:02): me too I am with susan.. and valentina
mani_smile2002 (14:59:11): 
susannenyrop (14:59:15): I am in Denmark, near Copenhagen
dafne_gonzalez (14:59:18): I am inviting some people to Adry's conference
lilixbadgirl (14:59:36): ok
mmmarzio (14:59:39): Daf - have you been invited to my conf?
susannenyrop (14:59:49): I live in a smaller place, with about 18 000 people, it is called Farum
apsarasb (15:00:09): michael invite me i am in your group
mani_smile2002 (15:00:12): ok susan I will satay here 
susannenyrop (15:00:20): what about you? Do you all live in Caracas?
carolinalista (15:00:22): dafne, are they just chat with everybody?
susannenyrop (15:00:26): Great, Marianne
mani_smile2002 (15:00:34): ok thanks
valentina_armas (15:00:38): really and you always have this activity with students from this university?
lilixbadgirl (15:00:38): yes I live in caracas
carolinalista (15:00:42): what happened to mike?
dafne_gonzalez (15:00:44): I have invited maricarmen
susannenyrop (15:00:45): I think we can soon begin to talk about the video
krola979 (15:00:48): I speak lot english
dafne_gonzalez (15:00:50): and maria alejandra
mani_smile2002 (15:00:53): yes I am fron caracas we are have now a very hot weather
dafne_gonzalez (15:01:08): and I am with Adriana 
apsarasb (15:01:16): i will stay with you too susanne
susannenyrop (15:01:21): How hot is that?
apsarasb (15:01:23): 
krola979 (15:01:24): I live in Caracas, Venezuela
valentina_armas (15:01:38): the conversation is going to be about the video that we saw_
apsarasb (15:01:41): i live in caracas too
mani_smile2002 (15:01:56): well really hot
susannenyrop (15:01:56): great Apsara and carolina, Valentina and Marianne -you're all in my group now
mani_smile2002 (15:02:03): ok
apsarasb (15:02:05): ok great
valentina_armas (15:02:11): ok
mani_smile2002 (15:02:14): I dont know how many degrees 
maricarmen_santoro (15:02:17): but i dont know what do i do?
krola979 (15:02:18): ok

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susannenyrop (15:02:19): tell me what you saw on that video.
amhef2002 (15:02:20): Ok! I am going to chat whit susan because mike is desapeared... Do you agree
lilixbadgirl (15:02:29): but I think maybe like 27 degrees...
krola979 (15:02:45): who is apsara?
dafne_gonzalez (15:02:46): I need one more person
apsarasb (15:02:47): yes amelia welcome
mmmarzio (15:02:51): I am here ! ! 
mani_smile2002 (15:02:56): well I saw an intervew with 2 persons
apsarasb (15:03:04): michael you forgot us
lilixbadgirl (15:03:08): well it was an interview in a street...
mmmarzio (15:03:09): I am trying to fill my conf with the designated students !
amhef2002 (15:03:09): Oh thank you
valentina_armas (15:03:21): i saw the conversation of an interviwer and two girls
susannenyrop (15:03:33): yes, an interview with two young women in the street, right
valentina_armas (15:03:39): in new york city
apsarasb (15:03:42): the girls were from new york
lilixbadgirl (15:03:46): they were talking about living in the city
mani_smile2002 (15:03:52): they talked about different topics as where do they lived
lilixbadgirl (15:03:54): and what the did for fun
susannenyrop (15:04:04): were they both living there all the time, really
mani_smile2002 (15:04:08): what do they do for fun in new york
amhef2002 (15:04:09): and their preferences to get fun in the city
valentina_armas (15:04:12): one lives in new york and the other in california
mani_smile2002 (15:04:19): no 
mmmarzio (15:04:31): Maybe we should all stay in this conference? ?
lilixbadgirl (15:04:31): not always Karen one of them live half time in California
susannenyrop (15:04:35): I remember I learned a new term: she was bicoastal
dafne_gonzalez (15:04:42): I am with a group of 3
mmmarzio (15:04:51): Bicoastal is a kind of slang
mani_smile2002 (15:04:52): one was from california 
krola979 (15:05:07): sus, How are the weather?
susannenyrop (15:05:11): yes, and what did she do, then?
mani_smile2002 (15:05:12): yes 
valentina_armas (15:05:18): yes but they didnt explain the meaning of that word
mani_smile2002 (15:05:27): she visited resturants
lilixbadgirl (15:05:28): and she was bicoastal because she live half year in California and half year in NY
susannenyrop (15:05:34): ok, let us see if we can figure that out together!
susannenyrop (15:05:44): right, liliana
apsarasb (15:05:45): bicostal i think they were refering to the girl that lived in both ny and california
mani_smile2002 (15:05:48): christen was a muscician
valentina_armas (15:05:54): ok
susannenyrop (15:06:05): she was a musician, I heard that too
valentina_armas (15:06:06): she plays the guitar
lilixbadgirl (15:06:09): and she played the guitar
krola979 (15:06:11): ok
mmmarzio (15:06:28): I am here now - let's stay in same conference room
valentina_armas (15:06:30): she likes to play many types of music
susannenyrop (15:06:31): Too bad we could not hear her play the guitar, too 
mani_smile2002 (15:06:35): yes so she liked to visit the plays in new york
lilixbadgirl (15:06:37): and she liked to check out places were play music
mani_smile2002 (15:06:45): thats rigth
susannenyrop (15:06:49): MIke, your group is waiting for you
lilixbadgirl (15:07:07): and sometimes she played music with some friends...
mani_smile2002 (15:07:27): yes she played differet kinds of music
lilixbadgirl (15:07:40): rock, folk...
apsarasb (15:07:41): yes jazz, blues,
susannenyrop (15:07:44): Do you think she was a girl with many musical friends?
mmmarzio (15:07:50): I just closed that conf by mistake - I stay here and if you want to start a new conference, please do
mani_smile2002 (15:07:54): yes i think so
amhef2002 (15:07:54): I think so
lilixbadgirl (15:07:59): yes I think so too
carolinalista (15:08:02): daf a question
krola979 (15:08:07): I like the classic music
apsarasb (15:08:09): i think so too
carolinalista (15:08:21): marisela is finished too
susannenyrop (15:08:34): Does any of you play music yourselves?
mmmarzio (15:08:42): Sus -if we really want a second conference room, please create it
valentina_armas (15:08:43): they also talked about the languages and that we should not be afraid of using the terms that we know
apsarasb (15:08:46): i used to play the piano
mani_smile2002 (15:08:47): no 
lilixbadgirl (15:09:01): no... i would like to but no >*
apsarasb (15:09:05): since i had 6 until i had 16
carolinalista (15:09:07): daf!!!!I need to talk to you
mani_smile2002 (15:09:15): when I was little i used to take piano lessons but that didnt last to long
krola979 (15:09:20): I interesting 
palberi (15:09:23): no but I would like to learn the guitar
lilixbadgirl (15:09:26): that is great apsara i like the piano too
amhef2002 (15:09:31): i taked a course of cuatro when i was a child
mmmarzio (15:09:41): Can I ask a question?
mani_smile2002 (15:09:44): sure
apsarasb (15:09:45): then i forgot almost all
krola979 (15:09:45): I always want play guitar
susannenyrop (15:09:46): yes, MIke
amhef2002 (15:10:04): but i forgot almost all too
mmmarzio (15:10:05): Did anyone get anything from watching the video with no sound?
valentina_armas (15:10:07): i use to sing when i was in school
lilixbadgirl (15:10:26): i have a piano and i play sometimes by hear...
apsarasb (15:10:39): i got like an idea
krola979 (15:10:41): Why forgot it?
apsarasb (15:10:44): but no too much
amhef2002 (15:10:45): i could not take so much information
valentina_armas (15:10:46): what
mani_smile2002 (15:10:58): yes, it was fun because I started imagining what were they talking about and I got the idea
susannenyrop (15:11:12): great , Marianne!
mani_smile2002 (15:11:20): thanks
mmmarzio (15:11:21): My second question - was it useful to hear the sound WITHOUT the video?
amhef2002 (15:11:29): it is difficult to read lips of people taht is speaking in english
apsarasb (15:11:45): we did not do that
mani_smile2002 (15:11:46): yes beacause you get I big level f concentration
mmmarzio (15:11:50): What did you imagine mani-smile?
lilixbadgirl (15:11:52): I just supposed that it was an interview... but I got bored
mmmarzio (15:11:59): Is Mani Marianne?
susannenyrop (15:12:02): yes, they do not open their lips a lot
krola979 (15:12:05): atlist play?
valentina_armas (15:12:08): yes i could understand what they were talking about
susannenyrop (15:12:17): yes, mani is marianne in real life
mani_smile2002 (15:12:18): that they were turist 
palberi (15:12:26): It was very useful see the video without sound
mani_smile2002 (15:12:28): yes mani is marianne
mmmarzio (15:12:33): North americans don't open their mouths very much when they speak
apsarasb (15:12:45): yes they dont
mmmarzio (15:12:45): thanks marianne
valentina_armas (15:12:51): it is difficult to understand something just seeing the lips
mani_smile2002 (15:12:56): its ok
lilixbadgirl (15:13:02): I agree with valentina
amhef2002 (15:13:10): me too
mani_smile2002 (15:13:10): yes 

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lilixbadgirl (15:13:18): I just imagine the conversations thanks to the images...
apsarasb (15:13:19): and sometimes it is difficult to understand them
valentina_armas (15:13:31): yes me too
palberi (15:13:39): No, but we can figured it out what are they talking about because their movement
susannenyrop (15:13:43): What do you think about the exercises
amhef2002 (15:13:48): i think the conversation was very easy to understand...
mmmarzio (15:13:50): Did it help in any way? Or is the idea of "no soind" useless - for example - seeing that they were on a street or any other context - was all that useless?
krola979 (15:13:53): Apsara, Is difficult writing in english
palberi (15:14:08): It was very useful to understand the video
apsarasb (15:14:12): the exercises were easy
valentina_armas (15:14:27): i think the exercises were fine and the video was not difficult to understnad
susannenyrop (15:14:29): Carolina, "krola", you're doing fine writing in English
lilixbadgirl (15:14:30): yes they were easy
mmmarzio (15:14:32): Yes - listen to Sus' question - what do you think about the exercises?
amhef2002 (15:14:41): of course the context helps yopu to supouse some things
marcofb65 (15:14:42): I think it was usefull because that way u realize where the conversation takes place on
mani_smile2002 (15:14:46): I think its very usefull
krola979 (15:14:47): Are you sure?
krola979 (15:15:02): I dont think so
mani_smile2002 (15:15:18): because we should get I big level of concentration 
lilixbadgirl (15:15:34): yes... also I think they were easy because we can understand the conversation by seeing the images too...
mmmarzio (15:15:42): Marianne - you think it is very useful to start with "no sound " video?
krola979 (15:16:00): susan, are you sure?
lilixbadgirl (15:16:08): we can suppose what they were talking about... beside listenig to the conversation
mani_smile2002 (15:16:08): maybe to imagin and to get an initial idea of the video
susannenyrop (15:16:08): Did it help your level of concentration to have the exercises?
lilixbadgirl (15:16:17): yes.
valentina_armas (15:16:20): yes
palberi (15:16:22): of course
amhef2002 (15:16:23): sure
mani_smile2002 (15:16:23): yes
apsarasb (15:16:26): yes of course
susannenyrop (15:16:43): Carolina, I'm pretty sure, yes
lilixbadgirl (15:17:12): and because we have to concentrate it helps to understand better what they were saying
susannenyrop (15:17:12): Did it take you a long time to fill in the exercises?
krola979 (15:17:15): never i think that somwhere go tell this of me
krola979 (15:17:36): 
apsarasb (15:17:37): no like 5 min
mani_smile2002 (15:17:38): well we have a fisics exam rigth now
mmmarzio (15:17:40): BTW, everyone, You will see very different exercises when you do Unit 42
lilixbadgirl (15:17:47): no... it didn't
marcofb65 (15:17:50): no, i think it was pretty fast
apsarasb (15:17:51): ok
valentina_armas (15:17:54): yes i have exam too
amhef2002 (15:17:58): Sorry everybody. I have to go because i have another class. Good bye
krola979 (15:18:00): but is dificult
palberi (15:18:01): We have classes now, so we see you next time, it was pretty nice this activity
susannenyrop (15:18:03): So are you leaving us now?
apsarasb (15:18:04): i have to go to classes
lilixbadgirl (15:18:08): yes I have an exam too...
apsarasb (15:18:10): yes
susannenyrop (15:18:12): great to be with you!
krola979 (15:18:13): ok, me too
mani_smile2002 (15:18:13): yes I will be leaving
apsarasb (15:18:14): bye
susannenyrop (15:18:19): and happy exams!
krola979 (15:18:21): I have a class
apsarasb (15:18:22): 
mani_smile2002 (15:18:23): thaks for all see you next class
lilixbadgirl (15:18:27): yes... it was great too for me!
susannenyrop (15:18:29): 
valentina_armas (15:18:32): i have to leave too because of the exam
apsarasb (15:18:33): ok see you
krola979 (15:18:34): look in the exams
mani_smile2002 (15:18:38): bye bye
lilixbadgirl (15:18:39): see you! bye!!!!
palberi (15:18:44): bye
mmmarzio (15:18:45): Sorry *I could not start a separate conference - I got all messed up
krola979 (15:18:49): bye
susannenyrop (15:18:50): I'll try to meet you next week, too
valentina_armas (15:18:52): bye susan 
mmmarzio (15:18:53): Bye kids.
krola979 (15:18:55): ok
lilixbadgirl (15:18:56): bye bye
valentina_armas (15:18:56): ok
susannenyrop (15:19:00): Mike, I think it worked all the same
mmmarzio (15:19:26): I guess so - I never heard so many Yahoo sounds - every second
susannenyrop (15:19:29): the students were active, that is the most important thing
marcofb65 (15:19:30): bye, I should also go
palberi (15:19:41): Dont worry Mike in the other time
mmmarzio (15:19:46): bye Marco - thanks for trying to help me
Yahoo! Messenger (15:20:11): palberi has left the conference.
marcofb65 (15:20:11): that's fine.
mmmarzio (15:20:15): Thanks Patricia
Yahoo! Messenger (15:20:58): marcofb65 has left the conference.

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Dafne  May 7, 2003.