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Video-Chat Unit

 Chatlog about Real English Video 43

 Class 1, Section 1 April 30th, 2003.

Moderators: Dafne Gonzalez in Spain, and Susanne Nyrop in Denmark

Participants: Architecture Students in Venezuela

  Yahoo! Messenger: Conference dafne_gonzalez-6854 started.

Note: blank spaces were used with emoticons

dafne_gonzalez: hi

dafne_gonzalez: I am inviting some people here

hpelgato: yeap me too

flaviana_carrillo: hi!

hpelgato: the people that fishin the video work

dafne_gonzalez: yes

susannenyrop: Hi, now I see Vero, Bianca, flaviana snd Hanndy

hpelgato: im helping =)

susannenyrop: Great, Hanndy

bianca_egarcia: who is susann...?

flaviana_carrillo: mmm.... let me send you an invitation sussan

dafne_gonzalez: Susan is our friend from Denmark

susannenyrop: no no

hpelgato: ok

bianca_egarcia: ah ok

hpelgato: hi susan

bianca_egarcia: hi vero

susannenyrop: you shall NOT send any invitations, just stay in this chatroom and chat with us now

flaviana_carrillo: okis

hpelgato: dont get upset

dafne_gonzalez: valexa

dafne_gonzalez: invite valexa, please

hpelgato: take it easy

hpelgato: which is her ID

susannenyrop: I would like to know what you found out when you watched the video

susannenyrop: I just wanted to prevent any further confusion about invitations,

Yahoo! Messenger: scvasq has joined the conference.

hpelgato: im inviting silvia

scvasq: hi

hpelgato: ok ready...

dafne_gonzalez: ok

hpelgato: how else

dafne_gonzalez: valx82villamediana

dafne_gonzalez: that is valexa

bianca_egarcia: handy you are the one who is talking

susannenyrop: Good, and those of us that are already present can begin the discussion if you feel like it

hpelgato: its seems to be bianca

susannenyrop: We already have five students here

scvasq: ok

susannenyrop: and the mission IS to talk, so just go ahead

bianca_egarcia: ok, i am agree

dafne_gonzalez: yes, we want to hear about the video

susannenyrop: Did you listen to the dialogue without images?

scvasq: no

hpelgato: no

flaviana_carrillo: yes

bianca_egarcia: i did it with the images

scvasq: i saw the video and the sound

scvasq: both the window was in there

dafne_gonzalez: and the video without the sound?

susannenyrop: OK

bianca_egarcia: yes

hpelgato: i saw the video without sound and 6 videos with sound

dafne_gonzalez: yes, that is it

hpelgato: ok

scvasq: me too

susannenyrop: Did you see the same video six times?

dafne_gonzalez: did you understand what the video was about without the sound?

hpelgato: no...

flaviana_carrillo: not really

scvasq: no

hpelgato: the completed video is separeted in 6 parts

dafne_gonzalez: no, the video was divided into 6 segments

hpelgato: thats

bianca_egarcia: it was one video in six parts

susannenyrop: oh I see

scvasq: i believed it was an interview

hpelgato: the interview is the video silvia

susannenyrop: did you have any idea where in the world this interview was taking place?

scvasq: nyc

hpelgato: in NY city

susannenyrop: How did you find out?

bianca_egarcia: NY

scvasq: cuz it said in the video

hpelgato: because it said in the vuideo!

flaviana_carrillo: he said if they were from here

dafne_gonzalez: right

flaviana_carrillo: (ny)

dafne_gonzalez: did you hear the word bicoastal?

susannenyrop: But would you have guessed it otherwise, from looking at the video without sound?

hpelgato: yeap

susannenyrop: Bi-coastal

scvasq: yep

dafne_gonzalez: what is the meaning?

susannenyrop: That was a new word for me.

flaviana_carrillo: ajap

flaviana_carrillo: mmmm..... don'y know

hpelgato: let me thing

susannenyrop: Did both women live in NY all the time?

bianca_egarcia: two places i think

susannenyrop: yes, Vero

scvasq: bicoastal, that means that she belongs to both coast, the east , where california is and west, where NYC is

dafne_gonzalez: yes, but why bicoastal?

susannenyrop: she travels from COAST to COAST twice a year

dafne_gonzalez: right, Vero

flaviana_carrillo: aaaaaa

hpelgato: because she likes to live in two p[laces

hpelgato: mmmm i see...

susannenyrop: I wonder how many

flaviana_carrillo: yea, she said them both were great

susannenyrop: how many kilometers that would make for a travel from one home to another

flaviana_carrillo: no idea

hpelgato: too many

bianca_egarcia: i don-t know

Yahoo! Messenger: carhelgom2000 has joined the conference.

hpelgato: hahahaha

scvasq: at least one day for sure

Yahoo! Messenger: valx82villamediana has joined the conference.

flaviana_carrillo: well... in car... not in plane

hpelgato: hey there are many people here

hpelgato: thats right

dafne_gonzalez: welcome, Carmen and Valexa

susannenyrop: now we're a large group

dafne_gonzalez: we are talking about the video

scvasq: in car ... like a lot of days

carhelgom2000: hello im part of that so many people chat

hpelgato: in plane its take least that 5 hours i suppose

scvasq: a roadtrip

susannenyrop: Oh, Carmen and Valexa, hi

valx82villamediana: thank you

dafne_gonzalez: tell us about the video, Carmen

dafne_gonzalez: and Valexa

hpelgato: examinazation in proccess... hahahaha

susannenyrop: Did any of you travel that far away a s from Californa to New York?

flaviana_carrillo: noup...

scvasq: no but i [ve made a long trip fom ccs to ga

bianca_egarcia: no

scvasq: passoin

valx82villamediana: yes I went to New York once

scvasq: passing

flaviana_carrillo: where is ga

hpelgato: jajaja

scvasq: staying in chicago

scvasq: and lots of places

scvasq: georgia

scvasq: and washingtong

dafne_gonzalez: do you remember what the girls in the video did at night?

hpelgato: once time i travel to NY too from caracas

susannenyrop: So many of you have been travelling. Great

valx82villamediana: yes they go to clubs

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flaviana_carrillo: aaaaa okis =)

scvasq: that was a freak trip, but i guess it was cheaper.

dafne_gonzalez: venezulan people love to travel

dafne_gonzalez: why do they go to clubs, Valex

valx82villamediana: yes we do

bianca_egarcia: yes we enjoy to trsvel too muvh

flaviana_carrillo: ajap..... to great restaurants too

hpelgato: i guest that 'christina' plays guitar and many instruments

dafne_gonzalez: right, what kind of music does she play?

flaviana_carrillo: no... many types of music

bianca_egarcia: and she goes to museums too

hpelgato: many kinds of music

valx82villamediana: jazz and blues

dafne_gonzalez: how about rock and pop?

scvasq: and folk

flaviana_carrillo: and other types too

susannenyrop: Yes, she is a musician who like all kinds of music, she says

flaviana_carrillo: ajap

hpelgato: thats righf flavi

scvasq: and rock

dafne_gonzalez: yes, she is really a musician

scvasq: yes

dafne_gonzalez: do you like music?

hpelgato: of course

dafne_gonzalez: or play any instrument?

flaviana_carrillo: a lot!!!!

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flaviana_carrillo: mmm.... that not

hpelgato: just hear it.. not play it

dafne_gonzalez: and I am sure that you all dance

scvasq: check out this color

flaviana_carrillo: yeeeaaaaa

scvasq: now i know when i'm writing

valx82villamediana: look mine

hpelgato: hahaha

dafne_gonzalez: I love dancing too

flaviana_carrillo: jejejeje

susannenyrop: Do you do out for a dance on weekends?

bianca_egarcia: when we can...

hpelgato: only when we have time to do it

flaviana_carrillo: only when the university lets us

flaviana_carrillo: jejeje.... well the teachers

scvasq: me too i do contemporary dance

dafne_gonzalez: that's great Silvia

susannenyrop: will your university decide for you in the free time?

dafne_gonzalez: you have to come to Sapin Vero

hpelgato: yeap

flaviana_carrillo: no.... it takes alllll our time

scvasq: hey

susannenyrop: Oh, you're so busy studying!


scvasq: a clown

flaviana_carrillo: ajap.....

dafne_gonzalez: and I will take you to Sevilla to practice your flamenco

valx82villamediana: yes


scvasq: aplause

bianca_egarcia: i want to go there

scvasq: cool

hpelgato: ok silvia stop playing the teachers will get upset

valx82villamediana: I went to spain once too


scvasq: ok

dafne_gonzalez: I just came back from Cordoba

bianca_egarcia: but not for flamenco

scvasq: ok

hpelgato: hahahahha so dramatic


flaviana_carrillo: jejeje

scvasq: that[s stop

dafne_gonzalez: I will invite you too, Hanndy

scvasq: cordoba

scvasq: ___ cordoba argentina___

hpelgato: where dafne?

dafne_gonzalez: no, cordoba-Spain

hpelgato: a ok

flaviana_carrillo: to cordoba hanndy

susannenyrop: Well, I would like to get back to the video.

hpelgato: ok no problem

dafne_gonzalez: yes,

flaviana_carrillo: nooooooo

susannenyrop: what did you think aboyut the exercises

susannenyrop: did they help you in any way?

scvasq: break time is over

hpelgato: ok... lets talk about the video

susannenyrop: he he he

scvasq: i think it was easy

dafne_gonzalez: sorry I let myself be carried away

valx82villamediana: was fun\

scvasq: keep it that wasy though

bianca_egarcia: it was easy

susannenyrop: I am usually the first to start playing, Daf

bianca_egarcia: and fun

scvasq: i wanna be a mochilera after i graduate

susannenyrop: What was so fun about the exercises?

valx82villamediana: me too

flaviana_carrillo: me too

dafne_gonzalez: nice profession, Silvia

valx82villamediana: jajajajajja

hpelgato: well the sniles when your get right were fun

hpelgato: smiles

susannenyrop: explain that to me, mochilera?

dafne_gonzalez: well, to travel you need to know languages

hpelgato: hahaha

flaviana_carrillo: LOL

dafne_gonzalez: at least English

hpelgato: loll

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bianca_egarcia: a person who travel too much

bianca_egarcia: and without too much money

flaviana_carrillo: with a big bag

susannenyrop: How would this kind of chat activity help you improve your own English?

bianca_egarcia: no car

dafne_gonzalez: do you agree with the phrases the girls suggested

dafne_gonzalez: for newcomers to New York

scvasq: a person who travels a lot and spend the night wherever he/she wants\

scvasq: many jogglers do that

bianca_egarcia: i don-t like to chat in groups...

dafne_gonzalez: with a back pack for luggage

hpelgato: dafne yes... but a few of each languaje.. like english spanisf french you ready to ttravel around t world

valx82villamediana: yes, I think we should at least know that frases

scvasq: and the make money joggling

scvasq: dont know if its the right spell

dafne_gonzalez: what phrases do you think are fundamental to survive in a city

susannenyrop: Bianca, you and I would probably never meet if not here online, in this chatroom!

bianca_egarcia: i am here

flaviana_carrillo: jejeje

hpelgato: well... the basic prhrases to survive in a city

scvasq: we should learn how to use a atm

susannenyrop: Will you please tell me the way to the Central Station?

dafne_gonzalez: :hands Vero some cheese and wine

hpelgato: to ask for hepl

scvasq: and too complicated

hpelgato: help and you will be allright

susannenyrop: How do I find a public toilet?

scvasq: bathroom

Yahoo! Messenger: carhelgom2000 has joined the conference.

flaviana_carrillo: will you please......

flaviana_carrillo: etc

scvasq: yes, no

hpelgato: thats

dafne_gonzalez: maybe

scvasq: to ask for food

hpelgato: and a place to sleep!

valx82villamediana: what is your name

dafne_gonzalez: what kind of food would you ask for, Silvia

susannenyrop: So you see, even to do the most basic things in another language, you need to know some phrases!

flaviana_carrillo: ajap

hpelgato: thats right

scvasq: mmmm... probably the ones that are universal

scvasq: like pizza

scvasq: i think pizza is pizza all around the world

carhelgom2000: i would rather know english to comunicate with others in such a big city

scvasq: like hotel

valx82villamediana: mmmm I am hungry

dafne_gonzalez: that is right, Silvia

bianca_egarcia: me too

dafne_gonzalez: I am getting hungry too

valx82villamediana: lets not talk about food

flaviana_carrillo: me too valexa

flaviana_carrillo: i'm too hungry

bianca_egarcia: i didn[t take breakfast

dafne_gonzalez: listen, before we go....

carhelgom2000: im hungry is very important, and the taxi related words

hpelgato: ok i-m hungry i-m in whatever place in the world i only have to say MCDONALDS!

hpelgato: and thats

susannenyrop: Some people would even like to taste local food, and not just pizza and burgers_gonzalez: I am going to tell you about the assignment for next week

scvasq: yes

hpelgato: ok

bianca_egarcia: ok

valx82villamediana: mmmm yumi

carhelgom2000: is lunch time!!!!!!!!!

dafne_gonzalez: you have to go to this page

hpelgato: hahaha

susannenyrop: Let us hear your plan, Dafne


valx82villamediana: ok

hpelgato: and... now?

dafne_gonzalez: and look for the link to Discussion Board

carhelgom2000: and

dafne_gonzalez: there, I wrote a message for you

dafne_gonzalez: and you have to answer my message

hpelgato: ok the page dont open

scvasq: can we do it at home

dafne_gonzalez: sure, that is homework

valx82villamediana: jejejejeje

scvasq: do we have to go to that we page now

hpelgato: ok yap

dafne_gonzalez: no, at home

dafne_gonzalez: or later

dafne_gonzalez: at a cyber

hpelgato: ok

dafne_gonzalez: or at the lab

scvasq: so, are you gonna be online all the time\in case that i need help from you

bianca_egarcia: ok, can we go?

dafne_gonzalez: sure

bianca_egarcia: thanks!!!

carhelgom2000: should we enter that adress now

dafne_gonzalez: excetp when I am sleeping

scvasq: i mean you[re gonna be all day long_

scvasq: well yeah

dafne_gonzalez: almost Silvia

scvasq: ok

valx82villamediana: I have to go

susannenyrop: I must laugh - Dafne never sleep!

flaviana_carrillo: me too

dafne_gonzalez: yes, it is almost time

dafne_gonzalez: nice meeting you all, guys

scvasq: but the is a little problem

hpelgato: idem dafne

bianca_egarcia: nice to meet you too

scvasq: since you live in spain

susannenyrop: I hope you will be well prepared to meet us next week!

dafne_gonzalez: tell me Silvia

scvasq: there is hours

susannenyrop: It was good to speak with you

hpelgato: dafne we have a question

dafne_gonzalez: yes, no problem for me

hpelgato: in the link that you send us

dafne_gonzalez: yes, what is the ?

valx82villamediana: I fell the same

hpelgato: there no link to ant activity

carhelgom2000: im at the discussion board and

flaviana_carrillo: what do e have to do with the discussion board

valx82villamediana: bye


dafne_gonzalez: look for a message

susannenyrop: and I know how odd it can feel to chat like this, but I assure you it is a good way to improve your language

scvasq: i mean, how many hours of difference do we have

hpelgato: ok

dafne_gonzalez: that says videochat unit USB

hpelgato: the msg say>

flaviana_carrillo: aja... and them_

dafne_gonzalez: 6 hours

hpelgato: Hi there,

Take some minutes to visit my discussion board and share with us your ideas about the issues being discussed.

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hpelgato: where is the assigments?

susannenyrop: in Denmark and Spain, it is 7 :25 pm

flaviana_carrillo: aja..... and tehm?

dafne_gonzalez: scroll down the page

dafne_gonzalez: and find a button

hpelgato: ok

susannenyrop: I suppose you can all read!

dafne_gonzalez: that says "click to enter the forum"

hpelgato: in the forum board?

dafne_gonzalez: or "post your comments"

dafne_gonzalez: yes

hpelgato: ok

dafne_gonzalez: you will get to a new paage

dafne_gonzalez: and there...

scvasq: gotta go

bianca_egarcia: dafne i have to go

hpelgato: we have to put a comment and thats it?

scvasq: bye bye\

bianca_egarcia: bye

Yahoo! Messenger: valx82villamediana has left the conference.

susannenyrop: Oh, it is raining heavily here, now, just what my garden needed

scvasq: can i write that later

dafne_gonzalez: yes

susannenyrop: Bye bye to all of you!

dafne_gonzalez: yes, that is for next class

scvasq: here is sunny

dafne_gonzalez: bye all

scvasq: and hot

hpelgato: ok byr


dafne_gonzalez: have a great week


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hpelgato: idem

scvasq: you too

susannenyrop: Thank you for coming to our chat!

hpelgato: take care

flaviana_carrillo: well i have to go

dafne_gonzalez: see you all in cyberspace

flaviana_carrillo: sure


Yahoo! Messenger: hpelgato has left the conference.


dafne_gonzalez: lol


carhelgom2000: here is sunny and it is like 40 degrees hoooooot!!!!!!!!


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