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Plaza Canovas
First Look!
Buildings in Valencia

Why Valencia?  Where is Valencia?

To the first question, Valencia, because I have been living in Valencia for three years, and it is a wonderful and lively city with warm and welcoming people who have made me feel at home from the first day.
A city is not complete without a culinary tradition, and Valencia is famous for its paellas, its horchata, and many other delicious and enticing dishes which valencians accompany with excellent wines!!! and "mistela" as pous caffe.
Another great characteristic of this city is its means of transportation, you can easily move around by train, streetcar, subway, bus, taxi, and, what makes it more enchanting, it is a walkable place, everything is at a walking distance!
It is not very cold in the winter and bearable during the summer, especially if this is spent by the beaches that caress this sunny mediterranean nook.
To top it all, Valencia has one of the most famous celebrations in the world: "FALLAS"!
So, this is my humble tribute to this city and its people.
Now that you are around, why don't you learn how to prepare, with step by step instructions, a good
"paella valenciana"?, and learn about our Fallas?

Where is Valencia?  Look at the map!
Ok, now that you know where we are, let's go home !