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 ArifDafne         Rita, Sus

Chat on blogs  

 Monday, February 03, 2003.

Yahoo! Messenger (19:45:15): ritazeinstejer has joined the conference.

susannenyrop (19:45:26): Thanks, but no thanks.

dygonza (19:45:40): hi there

susannenyrop (19:45:43): tere was having a family meeting now

dygonza (19:46:00): I see

susannenyrop (19:46:02): So I called up Rita

dygonza (19:46:09): great

ritazeinstejer (19:46:13): hi, Daf

susannenyrop (19:46:17): :hugs Rita & daf

dygonza (19:46:23): :hugs Rita and sus

ritazeinstejer (19:46:35): :hugs both friends

susannenyrop (19:46:41):

dygonza (19:46:43): This is the url of the National Geographic map

dygonza (19:46:46):

dygonza (19:47:27): I was telling Sus, Rita, that some people have asked for the instructions to create a map like Tere's

dygonza (19:47:45): maybe Tere has not read the messages yet

dygonza (19:47:59): I think it was Don and Maria Irene

ritazeinstejer (19:48:04): yes, Daf, i've read the messages.

susannenyrop (19:48:07): Tered said that Joao had that map

ritazeinstejer (19:48:29): I've also read one asking for the inclusion of Blogging

dygonza (19:48:30): I found that National Geographic has maps that can be made interactive

dygonza (19:48:42): that was Maria Irene,

ritazeinstejer (19:48:56): thats great!

susannenyrop (19:49:05): I was going to write an intro about blogs

dygonza (19:49:32): and I guess they can be put up on a web page, I don't know how yet, though

ritazeinstejer (19:49:34): Ive got several sites with articles on blogging

susannenyrop (19:49:42): Tere will wirte an ansswer about map making tomorrow

susannenyrop (19:50:06): Great Rita, just go on with the topic

susannenyrop (19:50:35): I'm trying to put things together in my own head, too

susannenyrop (19:50:53): Tere is collecting messages in categories for the end of our week

ritazeinstejer (19:51:25): maybe we could ask ways in which readers suggest we could adapt the use of Blogging for learning purp˛ses?

dygonza (19:51:31): yes, that is how I did for week 1/ really do not feel comfortable with weblogs myself

dygonza (19:51:44): I prefer web pages

ritazeinstejer (19:52:07): blogs are attractive in that they are interactive

susannenyrop (19:52:24): One thing I've seen as important for using weblogsd is whether it can be used by multiple persons or it is a personal log

ritazeinstejer (19:52:35): both, Sus

dygonza (19:52:43): I feel the structure of the weblog pages is oppressive for me. My learning style, maybe

ritazeinstejer (19:52:47): depending on the software chosen

ritazeinstejer (19:53:05): its demanding, i agree

susannenyrop (19:53:09): daf, it is a very easy way to put up content and share and memorize annotated URL

ritazeinstejer (19:53:27): more difficult to control

ritazeinstejer (19:54:06): and definitely a commitment!!

susannenyrop (19:54:13): It is just very linear and dateline oriented - there is not so much hyperlinking inside the page (unlŠess you get into more complex and paid logging systems)

susannenyrop (19:54:44): Rita, did you start a blog anywhere yet?

dygonza (19:55:04): I feel that web pages are easier to go to and to post things the way you want

ritazeinstejer (19:55:07): not yet, Sus, im reading on blogs, but believe

ritazeinstejer (19:55:13): once you start on

ritazeinstejer (19:55:28): you are forever committed!

dygonza (19:55:50): I have been to several weblog sites and none of them have convinced me to have my own

ritazeinstejer (19:55:51): we could start one together?

susannenyrop (19:55:54): Daf, you've had great luck with yourgeocities webpages. this does not work as smootly for everyone

ritazeinstejer (19:56:14): that could give us more freedom?

susannenyrop (19:56:36): Rita - sure thing we can. I also have one at xanga that you can look at. but it is for one user only (in the principle)

susannenyrop (19:56:58): I think it is

ritazeinstejer (19:56:59): i might find software to choose from

dygonza (19:57:20): I know one where my colleagues in CAracas were posting, let me see if I find the url

susannenyrop (19:58:17): take a look here$14400?

ritazeinstejer (19:58:27): thats a good blog, Sus! Congrats!

susannenyrop (19:58:31): there are examples on multiuser blog tools

dygonza (19:58:36): this is it, I think


susannenyrop (19:58:52): I cannot use blogger on Mac (

dygonza (19:59:03): oh no!

susannenyrop (19:59:20): That's why I liked Xanga better

ritazeinstejer (19:59:35): coulndt see the "radio" site, sus

dygonza (19:59:45): I guess this is multiuser, because all my colleagues in the Department were using it together

susannenyrop (19:59:50): I also fear that the message I just referred to (Radio Userland) is not for mac

susannenyrop (20:00:13): I think you still need to download special software for blogger

susannenyrop (20:00:25): Xanga is all browser based

ritazeinstejer (20:01:16): have you visited

dygonza (20:01:27): no, I am there

dygonza (20:01:31): right now

susannenyrop (20:02:19): I will take aonther look at schoolblog

ritazeinstejer (20:02:58): I also find Jane Blogosphere interesting:

dygonza (20:03:16): I am going to try schoolblog

susannenyrop (20:03:43): we should de3cide for the same discussion topic in schoolblog, then

ritazeinstejer (20:03:52): with this i guess we have food for thought...

dygonza (20:04:58): this is very school-oriented

susannenyrop (20:05:16): Hm, how so?

susannenyrop (20:05:31): Is is protectionist?

ritazeinstejer (20:05:42): shal we invite for a discussion on Blogging?

susannenyrop (20:05:50): yes lets

susannenyrop (20:05:59): I'm a member now

dygonza (20:06:09): what I can see so far are lesson plans

ritazeinstejer (20:06:29): Maria Irene's site is good

susannenyrop (20:07:26): you have her url?

ritazeinstejer (20:07:50): but lesson plans could be analized and discussed?

ritazeinstejer (20:07:59): a sec, please

susannenyrop (20:08:07): brb

ritazeinstejer (20:08:18):

ritazeinstejer (20:08:32): its an article

ritazeinstejer (20:08:41): we could ask for general feedback

dygonza (20:09:30): I joined too

ritazeinstejer (20:10:26): whether anybody is using blogs, results? suggestions?differences with websites?

dygonza (20:11:01): but I think this is a public blog

ritazeinstejer (20:11:14): which one, Daf?

dygonza (20:11:32): I do not see an option to have a private one, like in

dygonza (20:11:37): schoolblog

dygonza (20:12:44): definitely I do not see it, or maybe my eyes are tired

ritazeinstejer (20:13:21): are you referring to

ritazeinstejer (20:13:26): ?

dygonza (20:14:06): no, that is the url of the TESL journal, where you can get articles, I am talking about the schoolblog site you gave us

dygonza (20:14:42): I joined, but now I see that blogs are public there

dygonza (20:15:02): while in blogger you have the option of making them public or keeping them private

ritazeinstejer (20:15:12): need to go there, yes, probably

ritazeinstejer (20:15:26): right

susannenyrop (20:15:41): I'm back

ritazeinstejer (20:15:47): wb, Sus

dygonza (20:16:28): I prefer the layout of schoolblog, it is not so crammed with messages all over like the other blog sites i have been to

dygonza (20:17:09): but I would rather have a private blog

dygonza (20:17:22): hi Sus, wb

ritazeinstejer (20:17:31): i agree, Daf

susannenyrop (20:17:33): the discussion group in TI2 could be used in a blog-like mode

ritazeinstejer (20:18:32): have a look at A:\Blog(dot)Org.htm

susannenyrop (20:18:39): but one of the blogger philosophies are the open knowledge sharing (often drowning in very intrapersonal egoist blogs)

dygonza (20:18:57): but it can be private for a group

susannenyrop (20:19:08): Rita, is that a URL??

ritazeinstejer (20:19:28): let me chech again, i had saved it that way!

ritazeinstejer (20:20:26): no, sorry, its

ritazeinstejer (20:21:19): think this one is public, as well

dygonza (20:22:27): I really feel overwhelmed with so much information on the pages

dygonza (20:22:51): that's one of things that has kept me away from blogs

susannenyrop (20:23:16): Daf, it is up to you (as the owner of the blog) how much info you will display

ritazeinstejer (20:23:24): true, it happens to me, too much to chew and digest

dygonza (20:23:50): this one seems to accept "all" kind of language

susannenyrop (20:23:57): blogsopt looks weird on my screen, something wrong with frames

dygonza (20:23:59): and I do not mean languages

susannenyrop (20:24:39): I tried to create a new blogsopt but cannot neter any info on new name

susannenyrop (20:24:43): enter

dygonza (20:24:56): where?

susannenyrop (20:25:14): I think we should take this discussion in the mail list, too

susannenyrop (20:25:23): at

dygonza (20:25:32): you can copy and paste this message to the list

ritazeinstejer (20:25:42): to me, the burden is the daily commitment, keeping it alive is in the hands of the owner!

susannenyrop (20:25:51): It is a zope tool (has something to do with wiki wiki)?

ritazeinstejer (20:26:16): ah, thats another site

ritazeinstejer (20:26:23): dont know yet the difference with a wiki wiki

susannenyrop (20:26:28): my xanga blog is only updated now and then. I'm not a serious everyday blogger

dygonza (20:26:38): I definitely do not like the blogdot

dygonza (20:26:45): let me see the blogspot

ritazeinstejer (20:26:47): you are, Sus!!

susannenyrop (20:26:51): Zopa and wiki is some Open Source project

susannenyrop (20:27:25): OOps, I was mistaking blogdot ans blogspot

susannenyrop (20:27:54): let's make another Blood Spot ?

dygonza (20:28:06): well, at least this is more relaxing a place than the blogdot and the blogger

ritazeinstejer (20:28:24): right, and theres a tutorial

dygonza (20:28:40): that's important, Rita

dygonza (20:28:53): schoolblog does not have any instructions

susannenyrop (20:29:53): I do find schoolblog very uninteresting and uninformative

dygonza (20:30:18): I am reading the tutorial

susannenyrop (20:30:30): which one, daf?

dygonza (20:30:41): in blogspot

ritazeinstejer (20:30:45): but isnt BlogSpot public, Daf?

susannenyrop (20:30:48): ok

dygonza (20:30:56): I do not know yet, Rita

susannenyrop (20:31:59): did you take the name WIA??

dygonza (20:32:15): no, Rita you can select being public or private

dygonza (20:32:26): I haven't sign up yedt

dygonza (20:32:29): yet

susannenyrop (20:33:28): I think I already have one old testbed somewhere at blogspot

susannenyrop (20:33:40): I'm told that my username is already taken

susannenyrop (20:33:55): who else would call herself suysnyrop?

ritazeinstejer (20:34:25): you sure youve never been here before, Sus?

susannenyrop (20:34:32): maybe I created it during the NW2002 where I ended up with xanga

ritazeinstejer (20:35:06): cant you see if your password leads you there?

susannenyrop (20:35:07): I'm sure of nothing and I do not always keep a record on such minor experiments

dygonza (20:35:08): it says you can host it on your web site

susannenyrop (20:35:23): yes, I'll try to login

dygonza (20:36:23): you can even select the template design

ritazeinstejer (20:36:28): but you can open one without having a website, can you ?

susannenyrop (20:37:04): yes, but I call such things testsites until they lead to something more concrete

dygonza (20:37:10): sure, you will use the blog web server

susannenyrop (20:37:32): blogspot is blogger! It was not so smooth for me that is why I left it.

dygonza (20:37:41): when you select a template design, you can change it later or you can design your own if you know some HTML

susannenyrop (20:38:15): just like in Xanga

susannenyrop (20:39:07): interesting! I created wiatest at ? in August 18

susannenyrop (20:39:35): Michael has one there, too

dygonza (20:39:41): good memory Sus

ritazeinstejer (20:39:43): there you are, Sus, everywhere!

susannenyrop (20:39:57): Michael coghlan was sking me about my opinion on blogs some tima go

susannenyrop (20:40:13): incredible, my memory is really sooo bad

susannenyrop (20:40:46): I believe his blog is called WIA, then

susannenyrop (20:41:09): hey, we're having a great chat, why not post it for this week?

ritazeinstejer (20:41:20): yes!

susannenyrop (20:41:47): At least this will prove some real hands-on activity

ritazeinstejer (20:41:56): I┤m printing the tutorial to follow it step by step

dygonza (20:42:14): great, Rita

dygonza (20:42:38): yes, that is what I suggested before, Sus

dygonza (20:42:57): this is a good group-trial

ritazeinstejer (20:43:21): and unplanned...

dygonza (20:43:52): socially constructed learning

dygonza (20:44:03): knowledge I mean

susannenyrop (20:44:07): blogger can be public or closed, and the owner can decode who can use it

susannenyrop (20:44:21): eh, I mean decide

dygonza (20:45:13): yes

ritazeinstejer (20:47:07): shall we post a question, suggestion, proposal?

dygonza (20:47:48): let's invite ARif here

dygonza (20:48:03): we are discussing blogs in a different window

Yahoo! Messenger (20:48:44): arif_altun2001 has joined the conference.

dygonza (20:48:51): hi Arif

arif_altun2001 (20:48:51): hi all

dygonza (20:48:58): Sus lost connection

dygonza (20:49:07): let me invite her back

dygonza (20:49:52): I wonder if Rita lost her connection too

Yahoo! Messenger (20:49:54): susannenyrop has joined the conference.

dygonza (20:50:03): hi back Sus

dygonza (20:50:09): Arif is with us now

dygonza (20:50:23): now, we have 2 Sus

ritazeinstejer (20:50:29): $!!

susannenyrop (20:50:30): O hi Rif

ritazeinstejer (20:50:31): 4

dygonza (20:50:43): good, we are here now

arif_altun2001 (20:50:52): hi Sus

susannenyrop (20:50:52): I see no less than five of me

ritazeinstejer (20:50:56): hi, Arif

dygonza (20:50:57): lol

arif_altun2001 (20:51:10): hi Rita, how are you?

ritazeinstejer (20:51:11): why have i got only4?

dygonza (20:51:27): We have been discussing blogs, Arif

susannenyrop (20:51:29): but as long as we all type in the same conferfence this should not have any importance

dygonza (20:51:34): Arif likes blogs

ritazeinstejer (20:51:37): fine, Arif, in this interesting discussion

ritazeinstejer (20:52:08): have you used blogs, Arif?

dygonza (20:52:09): we have been trying different blogs

susannenyrop (20:52:21): IS rif with us still?

arif_altun2001 (20:52:26):  is my favorite

arif_altun2001 (20:52:55): I have been experimenting with them, in near future I want my own blog server, too

susannenyrop (20:52:57): oh, this is a parrot effect of multiple representations

dygonza (20:53:02): kitchen? maybe I can copy my recipes there

susannenyrop (20:53:11): yes, Rif is our man!

arif_altun2001 (20:53:24): well, it is hypertext kitchen..

arif_altun2001 (20:53:31):

dygonza (20:53:49): are you ready to be our man, Arif?

susannenyrop (20:53:54): is it a multi user blog kitchen?

arif_altun2001 (20:53:59): Try weblog theory, I liked reading and exploring the links there

arif_altun2001 (20:54:19): yes, blogs are meant to be open to public so that anybody could contribute

susannenyrop (20:54:41): but most blogs I've seen has an owner?

arif_altun2001 (20:54:46): also, ther is k-logs

ritazeinstejer (20:55:08): but we could limit it to WIA as an experiment, to start with

dygonza (20:55:21): why do I get a big blank space on the right?

susannenyrop (20:55:23): Knowledge logs are they different in structure than the B-logs?

arif_altun2001 (20:55:25): K-logs: Using weblogs for personal and corporate knowledge management.

dygonza (20:55:29): what's supposed to be there?

susannenyrop (20:55:53): Daf, can you be more specific, where, "there"?

dygonza (20:56:10): on the site Arif gave us

dygonza (20:56:32): on the right side of the page

arif_altun2001 (20:56:39): It is the screen design issue, I remeber cognitive issues about screen design, they must have left it intentionally blank Daf

susannenyrop (20:56:42): It might be a centred page for smaller screens?

dygonza (20:57:14): I thought it was an image and that my browser would not show it

arif_altun2001 (20:57:42): First, I thought the same thing.. there must be something I must be missing

susannenyrop (20:57:48): oh, this IS a wiki

ritazeinstejer (20:57:53): but then links come up

dygonza (20:58:04): but on the welcoming page there is text on that space

ritazeinstejer (20:58:10): wiki....whats the difference, Arif?

susannenyrop (20:58:33): Wiki is open for changes from anyone, it is a matter of trust

ritazeinstejer (20:58:54): so a blog and a wiki: same thing?

susannenyrop (20:59:12): Vance pointed to the Wiki sandbox some weeks ago

dygonza (20:59:41): I remember VAnce showed us a wiki page where you could edit other people's postings

susannenyrop (21:00:06): Rif, is that so? are wikis and blogs the same or , can I ask, are all blog tools based on wiki open source code?

arif_altun2001 (21:00:23): Wiki is a tool, whereas Blog is the environment as far as I understood

susannenyrop (21:00:25): sorry for unintended doubble message

dygonza (21:00:36): ???

arif_altun2001 (21:00:38): Not all blogs are wiki operated

susannenyrop (21:00:51): there is another open Wiki called the wikipedia

arif_altun2001 (21:01:10): Such tools are briefly named wiki

susannenyrop (21:01:24): a kind of public used contributed and edited encyclopedia

arif_altun2001 (21:01:29): There are some software programs available to run your own blogging with different wikis

susannenyrop (21:02:12): oh yes, several

susannenyrop (21:02:54): I do like the idea of a cluster of weblogs, makes sense to me

ritazeinstejer (21:07:29): are you still there or has my machine got stuck again?

arif_altun2001 (21:07:51): I guess we have no one to send messages.. exploartion maybe?

ritazeinstejer (21:08:03):

dygonza (21:08:24): I was reading Vance's message to Don's posting

dygonza (21:08:51): also Tere's about the map

ritazeinstejer (21:09:03): im reading hers

dygonza (21:10:13): SUS lost connection again

Yahoo! Messenger (21:10:39): susannenyrop has joined the conference.

susannenyrop (21:10:47): oops

dygonza (21:10:47): now we have 3 Sus

dygonza (21:11:07): you are making this conference a crowded place, Sus

ritazeinstejer (21:11:16): ah, wb, Sus

ritazeinstejer (21:11:23): lol

susannenyrop (21:11:29): HOw can I delete my doubles

dygonza (21:11:42): you are clonning yourself

ritazeinstejer (21:11:46): good question

susannenyrop (21:11:48): I did save first par of our chat, before Rif came on, can you save it for us?

dygonza (21:11:58): I have it all

arif_altun2001 (21:12:01): I guess this is a lag in Yahoo, just to show off they can clone too

ritazeinstejer (21:12:03): i can, Sus

dygonza (21:12:43): :wonders if Arif is still around

ritazeinstejer (21:12:52): im sorry to have to say i must go now, friends

susannenyrop (21:13:09): ok this was great as a starter

arif_altun2001 (21:13:15): Can you get my messages?

dygonza (21:13:16): Are you guys going to publish this chat log

ritazeinstejer (21:13:17): it was!

dygonza (21:13:23): yes

susannenyrop (21:13:34): yes, we should

susannenyrop (21:13:54): I saved the first part before Rif joined us

ritazeinstejer (21:14:09): ihave it all, can send it to you, Sus

dygonza (21:14:17): you can set up yahoo messenger to save all your chats automatically Sus

susannenyrop (21:14:26): Rita, can you add it to your homepaGe or shall we leave this to teresa?

ritazeinstejer (21:14:28): how, Daf?

susannenyrop (21:14:41): daf, I ve been searching in vain for that feature

ritazeinstejer (21:14:45): I'll send it to Tere, yes!

dygonza (21:14:50): ok, let me show you

dygonza (21:14:57): go to the main YM window

dygonza (21:15:12): open "login"

susannenyrop (21:15:13): which one is that?

dygonza (21:15:32): not this one

susannenyrop (21:15:40): in the browser?

ritazeinstejer (21:15:41): (taking down hand notes...)

dygonza (21:15:49): but the one you always have on your screen when you open yahoo Messenger

dygonza (21:16:17): there is a label on the top ( the first on your left)

dygonza (21:16:20): login

dygonza (21:16:35): go there and look for "preferences"

dygonza (21:17:05): on the left you will see a column with some features, look for "Archive"

susannenyrop (21:17:34): ah, when I open yahoo messenger I see the Friends list and nothing else

dygonza (21:17:41): when you click there you get a page with a couple of features that you can set

dygonza (21:17:55): maybe a Mac problem

dygonza (21:18:01): how about you Rita?

susannenyrop (21:18:09): typical excuse

susannenyrop (21:18:28): when I open my account in

arif_altun2001 (21:18:28): hehee, I liked that joke

dygonza (21:18:38): you should have login, view, tools, and help

susannenyrop (21:18:42): wb, Rif

ritazeinstejer (21:19:22): im not following, Daf, sorry, reading messages, as i'm keeping the script for later use..., and then need to leave in a hurry

dygonza (21:19:36): I showed Teresa this morning and she was able to set her YM

ritazeinstejer (21:19:52): i remember seeing this feature

dygonza (21:19:53): well, all the information is written above, Rita

ritazeinstejer (21:20:05): yes, Daf, thanks!

dygonza (21:20:21): login, preferences, Archive, and that's it

ritazeinstejer (21:20:26): and thanks Sus and Arif! its been a great encounter....

dygonza (21:20:28): then to find your logs

dygonza (21:20:38): go to "tool"

susannenyrop (21:20:43): I do have a preferences to set from the upper screen menu line

dygonza (21:20:43): then Archive

dygonza (21:21:00): ok, go there to see what you find inside

susannenyrop (21:21:35): I always have to copy & pasted into a text document when I need the log

dygonza (21:21:54): I just set it to save automatically

susannenyrop (21:21:57): I have set my prefs a lot of times, but did not find any for the conference

dygonza (21:22:11): only if you update, you need to configure it again

susannenyrop (21:22:22): well, the mac version for YMS is so much older

arif_altun2001 (21:22:29): I am downloading a paper from weblogkitchen to read more about webloging, maybe it may help us more

dygonza (21:22:48): great, Arif

susannenyrop (21:22:58): Great Rif, this is the week for hands on work and collaboration

dygonza (21:23:00): you are so thoughtful

arif_altun2001 (21:23:36): Btw, collaborative and cooperaative is still under debate?

susannenyrop (21:23:38): this is a very clear example on socio-cultural activities and peer scaffolding

ritazeinstejer (21:23:51): CU tomorrow, guys, Im lingering....Thanks, Arif , again!

dygonza (21:23:52): it sure is, Sus

arif_altun2001 (21:24:14): Bye Rita, talk to you later

dygonza (21:24:14): well, I guess I have to go to

susannenyrop (21:24:19): Well, do we have to decide about coop or collab, some like this and others prefer that

susannenyrop (21:24:28): BYe bye rita

dygonza (21:24:38): bye Rit

susannenyrop (21:24:44): And bye daf, too

susannenyrop (21:24:56): lets continue on the mail list

arif_altun2001 (21:25:00): They say collaborative is more peer based, wehereeas cooperative is more structured sus. Do you agree

dygonza (21:25:21): I think that is right, Arif

susannenyrop (21:25:23): Interesting definition, that might be a good one

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dygonza (21:25:46): cooperative learning activities are very structured

dygonza (21:26:01): not like what happened here today

susannenyrop (21:26:02): Daf, why do you think so?

dygonza (21:26:32): well, I have been using cooperative learning activities in my classes for years, and these activities take a careful planning

susannenyrop (21:26:58): this experience today was so great because we do have an agreement to explore these matters but not what , not how and not even when

dygonza (21:26:59): they have steps that need to be followed

susannenyrop (21:27:08): I see

arif_altun2001 (21:27:24): so we have been collaborating upon a cooperative meeting

dygonza (21:27:28): and people take different roles

susannenyrop (21:27:49): Lol, rif

dygonza (21:28:04): which are determined by the group before engaging in the cooperative task

dygonza (21:28:52): well, see you later folks

susannenyrop (21:28:57): we also take roles here, but not so intended, just more like the one who knows something better can take a lead, and then give the "stick" to the next one who ahs something to tell

susannenyrop (21:29:03): bye, daf see you

arif_altun2001 (21:29:20): bye daf

dygonza (21:29:21): that's collaboration and scaffolding

dygonza (21:29:40): bye dear ones

arif_altun2001 (21:29:41): How would you define scaffolding here daf, before you go

arif_altun2001 (21:29:58): anyway, we can talk more on it later I guess

arif_altun2001 (21:30:04):

dygonza (21:30:05): the help given when someone needs it

arif_altun2001 (21:30:25): at the zone of approximal development?

dygonza (21:30:39): yes

dygonza (21:30:55): well, I am starved

susannenyrop (21:31:03): The scaffolding is a very interesting view of social interaction in learning in the Zone of Proximal development (ZPD)

susannenyrop (21:31:08): get some food daf

dygonza (21:31:18): I will

arif_altun2001 (21:31:20): and some sleep

dygonza (21:31:21): bye

dygonza (21:31:24): lol

susannenyrop (21:31:24): I am reading >Vygotsky today

dygonza (21:31:31): I will be around later

arif_altun2001 (21:31:33): you are! Cool

arif_altun2001 (21:31:41): Which one, an article or book?

susannenyrop (21:31:45): will make a summary on ZPU and scaffolding